The Top 3 Luxury Vacations for Business Travelers

Are you a business traveler who likes to hit up the big cities and live largely? Or maybe your boss just gave you the checkbook and told you to go nuts? Either way, we’ve got just the thing for you: luxury vacations! Yes, luxury vacations are not reserved only for seniors on cruises in Florida anymore. With so many great options available it can be tricky finding the perfect trip to treat you. We know how stressful it is trying to find that perfect vacation…it’s enough to give us heartburn! 

Luckily we did all of the research and came up with our top 3 list of luxurious destinations perfect for any successful business person looking for an escape from their hectic work life says Michael Osland.

3 – Miami Beach, Florida

According to Michael Osland Miami Beach is a fantastic city for business travelers looking to let loose and have some fun. With over 3,000 restaurants serving delicious food that will make your mouth water, there’s no need to pack snacks! The beaches are beautiful, warm, and inviting; if you’re lucky enough to be in Miami during the winter you’ll get to take advantage of 60-degree weather…with the sun! This destination offers plenty of shopping too so feel free to bring an extra suitcase. If you don’t like crowds or traffic then this may not be the best option for this trip as it can sometimes get crowded with tourists.

2 – New York City

New York City is always at the top of everyone’s list of travel destinations; however, many people seem to ignore the plethora of amazing activities this city has to offer. Fortunately for you, we’ve given it a lot of thought! New York offers anything from Broadway shows on 45th street to Central Park Zoo and everything in between! You can’t go wrong with a trip that consists primarily of shopping as there are over 450 retail stores offering some of the coolest clothing anywhere. One downside is that prices here tend to be higher than most other cities; however, if you’re looking for a good place to splurge then New York might be perfect for your luxury vacation. In fact, you might consider checking out Parc East Apartments New York NY for luxurious apartment rentals, where you can experience the epitome of upscale living in the heart of the city.

1 – Boston, Massachusetts

No list of luxurious travel destinations would be complete without mentioning Boston, Massachusetts. This historical city offers world-class dining, museums galore, and some of the most interesting neighborhoods you will ever encounter. Of all the places on our list, Boston is definitely one of the best cities to visit during the winter months as it tends to be quite cold and snowy; however, during the summer it offers a variety of outdoor activities like sailing and fishing on the Charles River.

The great thing about luxury vacations is that they can provide an escape from your work life for a few days without costing you too much money. The key here is planning ahead! Don’t just check out our top 3 destinations then book something last minute. Use this article as a guide to help you plan your trip so that you have plenty of time to save up for an amazing experience. We want everything in your business life to be perfect but that shouldn’t come at the cost of your happiness!

So don’t wait any longer, go ahead and treat yourself to some awesome luxury vacations so you can escape from reality for a little while. And remember, no matter where you decide to travel, whether it’s one of our top 3 destinations or somewhere else entirely, Luxury Branded wants you to enjoy every moment! Happy travels!


Why did we choose these destinations?

All 3 of the cities mentioned in this article offer a variety of luxury hotels and resorts to accommodate any budget. They are also home to world-class shopping, restaurants, and attractions which make them perfect vacation spots for anyone (successful or not) looking for an escape from their busy lives.

What’s so great about traveling in the winter versus the summer?

Winter is best for those who prefer cold weather. During the 2013-2014 seasons in Miami Beach, there was barely any rain at all! That being said, it definitely gets chilly during January and February so be sure to bring along your favorite sweater or jacket.

What if I’m on a tight budget?

If you’re on a tighter budget then you may want to consider other destinations that offer more affordable lodging options. However, you could also choose one of the 3 cities mentioned in this article and make your stay more affordable by checking out some hostels or couch surfing with locals (if your schedule allows for it).

Where should I book my reservation?

Booking ahead is always best; however, if you don’t have enough time to plan your trip, at least try to research the area you will be staying in first before making a purchase. You can use online resources like Google Maps or Yelp to check out nearby attractions as well as local restaurants and cafes; this information can help you determine which hotel would be best suited for your needs.


We hope we’ve inspired you to check out one of these cities and enjoy a luxury vacation for yourself. These destinations offer some of the best nightlife, dining, and shopping experiences money can buy so why not give them a try?! And don’t forget that although this article was written with a focus on travel, it can easily be applied to any area of your life that needs improvement. Escaping from reality every now and then is essential to productivity so treat you sometime soon.

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