5 Things to Know When Stepping into Adulthood

Becoming an adult is exciting and terrifying in equal measure. To reduce some of those anxieties, read here about five things you need to know before becoming an adult.


Insurance is a word frequently thrown around by adults. But why is it so important, and what can it do for you?

What is insurance?

Insurance is something you can buy to protect yourself from losses. It comes in many different forms: home insurance, car insurance, even pet insurance. When you face a loss – such as a burglary or a car accident – your insurance policy helps to reduce the financial damage.

How Can I Get Insurance?

Anyone can get insurance. Its cost will vary depending on how much protection you need. You can find insurance companies everywhere, and each will offer a different cover. Many companies give free quotes so that you can compare different companies’ insurance offers to make a decision.

Signing a Lease

As an adult, you’ll likely live away from home for the first time. This is going to require you to sign a lease. A lease is a contract between a landlord and a tenant, agreeing to the specific terms and conditions for living at their rental property.

Verbal lease agreements are considered binding for one year in some areas. More likely, you’ll sign a written lease. Both renters and landlords need to sign the lease for it to be binding. Ensure you read through the entire contract carefully, and raise any issues you see.


Understanding taxes is a complex task, yet a necessary one. Taxes will depend from state to state in the US. What is set, however, is that you will pay federal, state, and local taxes. Therefore, you must research all the taxes you should be paying (there will be extra if you run a business) and any exemptions you may have.

In the US, Tax Day is in April. This is the day you must file your income tax to the federal government. If you miss it, you can sustain a late fine.

Car Maintenance

If you drive a car, there will be a level of necessary maintenance that comes with it. You want to keep your car in good shape, so it doesn’t cause you more problems down the line.

Some of this basic maintenance can include:

–   Keep your tires pumped with air

–   Service your car once a year

–   Top up cooling system liquid

–   Top up your windscreen wash

–   Look after your cars’ battery

These are just a few small things, but there are plenty more to look out for. Search online or talk to a mechanic about how to best help your car.


When you become an adult, whether you go straight into work or to college, you’ll likely face handling your own money for the first time. You may have had money from a part-time job before, but now you have an income and have to manage your spending. It can feel tempting to spend, spend, spend, but something you’ll learn quickly is that saving is the way forward.

Unexpected costs come up all the time: you need a plumber, your car breaks, or you lose your house keys. Savings are essential for these moments. But savings are also key, looking forward to your future.

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