4 Key Reasons to Have an Ironing Board in Your Laundry Room

Ironing is a tedious chore, but a necessary one. An ironing board helps make the process of ironing easier and more convenient. To make the most of your ironing time, keep an ironing board in your laundry room.

4. Save Time

You probably have a busy week, especially if you’re a parent in charge of the wash for multiple people. Washing, folding, and ironing laundry can take hours each week. Therefore, it’s best to keep your materials together in one spot. Keeping the ironing board set up in your laundry room will save you the trouble of looking for a space to set it up in your bedroom. Keeping it in your laundry area will also save your family time, too. Rather than scurrying the ironing board from one person’s bedroom to the next, the board would just be kept in a communal area, accessible to everyone.

3. Ease of Convenience

An ironing board in the laundry room is convenient and practical. When you remove clothes from the dryer, go ahead and iron the wrinkled ones. Doing so will save you time later when you want to wear an outfit. Pressing your clothes right as the come from the dryer will also make it easier to compartmentalize your chores. Designate a specific day and time to do laundry. This makes you less likely to put off doing laundry until later in the week.

2. Prevent Damage to Your Counters and to Other Surfaces

Using an ironing board prevents you from damaging surfaces. For instance, some families improvise and use their beds or countertops as an ironing surface. This can cause damage to a mattress or a counter. However, if everyone in your family knows to come to the laundry room to iron, this will hopefully prevent them from using just any old surface as an ironing station. This prevents them from burning holes into delicate fabrics.

1. Declutter Your Home

Perhaps one of the best reasons to keep your board in the laundry room is that the board actually belongs there. An ironing board, even when folded, can take up space in the other rooms of your house. If you’re like most people, you need that extra space. Even when standing against a wall, an ironing board can take up the space you need for bookshelves and shoe racks. If stored in a closet, the board may be too tall to fit under shelves, or you may struggle to fit it into an already cluttered closet. Thus, keeping the board folded up in the laundry room doesn’t take away from other necessarily living or storage spaces. Installing a built-in ironing board can also save space in your laundry room. Such boards most often extend from the wall and can be easily pushed into the wall when not in use.

While most people don’t particularly look forward to ironing, the chore can be made manageable if you keep your ironing board in the laundry room. Storing the board in the laundry is convenient and saves times each week. Using the board in a communal area prevents your family members from searching the whole house for the board. Finally, keeping your board in the laundry also encourages you to iron as you take clothes from the dryer, which prevents you from being tempted to iron atop other surfaces.

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