Why is Vaping Healthier Than Smoking?

Smoking or vaping? Smoking has been a habit amongst human beings for centuries, since the discovery of tobacco, which many believe was over 2000 years B.C. However, it was a little over 10 years ago, around July 2007 to be exact that vaping became a popular choice for regular smokers. It was then that smoking was banned in public places. Prior to this, smoking was allowed in any public space, pubs, bars, restaurants and even cinemas.

Vaping became popular for a number of reasons. It seemed as the ban came into place, many independent, small businesses still allowed for smoking on the premises in the form of an electronic cigarette or vape. This meant that smokers could remain indoors whilst smoking. When Vaping was first introduced, many didn’t quite understand what it was or how it worked. However it soon became obvious that vaping was now the more popular choice for smokers. 

Electronic cigarettes and vaping have only grown more and more popular as time has gone by. For a number of reasons people were now choosing to vape over smoke. The growth in vaping and electronic cigarettes seemed to explode over night, as it was one of the fastest growing industries of the 21st century globally. The market value for electronic cigarettes surpassed that of the tobacco and cigarette industry in a short time, an industry that has been standing for centuries. 

The number of teenage smokers dropped to an all time low due to vaping suddenly hitting the high streets. Young adults and teenagers reaped the benefits of having this new technology accessible via online markets, as well as everyday high street stores. And even though what seemed to be the new trend amongst smokers, many were still wondering what electronic cigarettes are and how they work. 

Vaping devices and electronic cigarettes are battery powered, portable kits, some of which are rechargeable and refillable, some are disposable. Each device has a tank, which contains the oil based, nicotine rich substance. The battery heats the fluids, similarly to a kettle boiling water. Once the compound is heated it is then smokable, just like an ordinary cigarette. The difference is, the electronic cigarettes and vaping kits don’t carry the same tar or carcinogens you would find when smoking the traditional tobacco and fire cigarette. 

Not only are these new and improved vaping tools not as bad for lung and heart health, but they are easier to maintain and carry, financially cheaper to afford and more enjoyable to lighter smokers. The reason being, unlike a regular cigarette, the electronic cigarettes and vapes can be smoked in a variety of all sorts of weird and wonderful flavours. You can now purchase the e-cigarette fluids in a variety of strengths in different nicotine concentrations, as well different flavours like tropical fruits, liquorice and other candy flavours. 

Regular smoking can be linked directly to lung cancer and heart disease as well as other organ illnesses as it adds unnecessary stress on the liver and kidneys as they flush the body of unwanted toxins. Many smokers have turned to electronic cigarettes as a means to eventually quit smoking for good according to a number of recent studies. It is believed the sooner a person quits smoking for good the sooner their body is able to regenerate itself back to full health. 

Despite the electronic cigarette being the healthier alternative to smoking, as mentioned earlier it is actually much more affordable too. Sites like Slick Vapes where you can buy the evolve plus xl vape are just one of many places where you can find awesome deals on reliable rechargeable and refillable vaping kits and electronic cigarettes. 

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