How Mobile Is Transforming Self-Storage

Mobile technology has seen a growth in popularity over recent years. Pew Research mentions that over 90% of Americans today own a mobile device of some kind. In keeping with the trend of device ubiquitousness, the self-storage industry has capitalized on mobile technology. Now, clients who want storage pod rental can use their mobile devices with their self-storage units. The initial adopters of the technology noticed that it made the self-storage business more efficient and cost-effective than before. In this article, we’ll look at how the mobile renaissance is changing the face of self-storage including the Cantilever Racking systems..

Tenants Stand to Benefit

Immediately, clients can judge the quality and availability of local storage facilities with a simple search. However, this is a minimal application of mobile technology. Self-storage companies are branching out to offer more services through mobile apps and mobile-specific websites. Companies already provide agile sites that can be viewed on several different device operating systems. Self-storage companies have also made it possible to rent units online then pay for it using mobile payment solutions. Accessing those units is also made a lot easier by including an unlocking functionality on the smartphone app. Additionally, the app can log when and how the storage locker was accessed and inform the user of any tampering with their stored goods.

Operators Also Benefit

The hardest thing for many clients is to figure out payment. With an option for mobile payment, operators remove that barrier. Those payment solutions can be used to set up regular monthly installments. If a user misses a payment, the account can be automatically and remotely locked until the amount is cleared. From a management perspective, an operator can consolidate all of his or her reports, and automatically manage delinquency reminders based on specific scripts set to run on the payments database. Mobile data allows for a real-time appreciation of who is using which services, and how long they’ll be doing so. Finally, customer relationship management software can help to keep the company in good graces with its clients. Offering appreciation bonuses and discounts go a long way towards building customer loyalty.

Smart Storage Is the Next Step

We all know how influential mobile technology can be. However, Inside Self Storage has noted that the use of IoT devices may be the next step in self-storage evolution. Smart devices can be used in several areas of self-storage to great success. By combining the data from these smart devices with mobile phone upgrades, a self-storage facility’s efficiency. However, while it has the potential to be a game-changer, it has its own caveats to consider. An IoT platform such as this one requires a specialized framework to work properly. Each facility needs to approach the development of their platform to focus on their own business needs.

While it may be some time before we see self-storage become anything as futuristic as we imagine, we can see the building blocks already falling into place. With a robust smartphone user base, more than half of the work is already done. The only thing left is to figure out how to upgrade the system, what data the company needs, and how to integrate them with existing smartphone apps seamlessly.

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