Critical Marketing Decisions for Entrepreneurs by Vic DI Criscio

When your startup turns into a small business, you look for marketing strategies to up your game. Although as the leader of your business, you juggle between different roles initially. But there will be a time when you would need experts to handle certain things. It is necessary for customer acquisition, branding, and competitive edge. Some people wonder whether they should get a marketing agency or build an internal team for this role. The decision hinges on multiple factors, such as resources and needs. Here are a few suggestions to help you think better before taking a call on this.


You have to nail down your expectations to understand the type of expertise you require. An in-house team member will come with knowledge. They will be more aware of your business and other people’s function. Plus, they will be a dedicated resource for making your business successful. On the other side, a marketing agency will have a team of marketing professionals specializing in different areas. You cannot expect knowledge and investment of time from them. But you will get access to a variety of skill sets. You can also obtain fresh ideas about your business. Since these people interact with numerous companies, they tend to understand the industry better, says Vic Di Criscio.

Essentially, both these have their unique benefits. You have to identify the expertise that you require for your business.


Marketing professionals will be an expensive resource than a marketing agency. When you hire someone, you don’t just pay a salary. It involves multiple other expenses, such as payroll taxes, training, hiring costs, benefits, etc. The retainer for a marketing agency can be as much as the marketing professional’s remuneration. But you cannot ignore the additional costs. Usually, an agency proves to be more cost-effective than an in-house expert.


Working with an in-house member can be easier as you can interact with them regularly and remain updated about the activities. You cannot expect this from a marketing agency. Initially, you can have several meetings with them for planning. Gradually, things shift to email and phone communications. Besides that, you cannot reach out to them freely. So, you have to ponder over these scenarios to arrive at the best solution. When you hire a marketing professional, you work on marketing strategy closely for sustainability and growth. 

It is critical to understand that marketing is an ongoing process. It’s not something you did today, and then, you don’t have to do anything tomorrow. You can do this job in the early stages of your startup. However, once your business grows, you cannot afford to spend a lot of time on this. From that perspective, investing in a dedicated resource can make more sense. Still, the choice between agency and in-house professional is never going to be easy. You have to consider several factors and evaluate them to take the right step for your business. So don’t make any hasty decisions. Think over all the aspects, assess your business needs, and eventually, you can see the clear picture.

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