Are There Any Risks Associated With WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp is one of the most famous and loved instant messaging app, which now has a desktop version called WhatsApp Web. The WhatsApp Web app has end-to-end encrypted security; however, this doesn’t mean that no harm could come to the app. Mentioned below are a few risks that could be associated with the WhatsApp Web, go through these risks to be aware and avoid the risk of any personal chats getting hacked. 

Risks Associated With WhatsApp Web

  1. Risk of Decrypted Messages

All your WhatsApp chats are automatically backed up to Google drive or iCloud, whether you send your messages on the web app or mobile application. All the messages you send are end-to-end encrypted and WhatsApp allows you to backup all your data; however, the backup files stored in your drive are not encrypted, as WhatsApp does not offer a backup location. This does not necessarily mean that hackers can have access to your backup storage but there are high chances that this could happen.

  1. WhatsApp Web Scams

When you search for the WhatsApp Website to download the WhatsApp Web app for your PC, hackers can trick you into choosing the wrong site to download WhatsApp Web. This is due to the large user base. If you download the app form a scammed site, you put your chats and PC at a huge risk. This is avoidable when you use the phone application as you download WhatsApp through app stores on your phone that have official apps.

  1. Widespread Of Counterfeit News

WhatsApp is one of the most common platforms where fake news is shared and spread like wildfire. This spread has caused a lot of false accusations and misunderstandings. For example, during 2017 and 2018, there was widespread of messages in India that contained information and details regarding counterfeit child abductions, which resulted in executions of those who people allegedly accused of these fabricated crimes through messages. Many people can spread this type of false information to you as they purchase a list of phone numbers, and your phone number is just like your WhatsApp username. WhatsApp has a put limit to the number of messages you can forward, however, this still does not stop the spread of fake news.

  1. The Link between WhatsApp and Facebook

Since Facebook has taken over WhatsApp, there are high chances of your data from WhatsApp shared on Facebook. Facebook stated that your information would not be publicly visible on Facebook; however, that still does not stop the fact that your messages and WhatsApp details are in link with Facebook. There was an option where you could back out of the data-sharing agreement; however, this option is nowhere visible anymore. Hence, your chats could be at risk.


Ever since Facebook has taken over WhatsApp, there have been many concerns and cases regarding how risky WhatsApp Web can be. Even though this is one of the only apps that have end-to-end encryption there are still some major security concerns that put your private information and chats at risk. Any application you use is bound to have a loophole, so don’t be disappointed as this still doesn’t necessarily mean that you should stop using the WhatsApp Web application as its benefits are still up to the mark. 

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