4 Advantages of Using Commercial Wood Doors at an Office

When it comes to business buildings that need to offer high performance and stand the test of time, wood proves it has the necessary strength to provide numerous advantages over concrete and steel. Wooden doors are remarkably durable, resilient, and can last a very long time. Plus, wood is among a few door materials that allow for repairs as it’s a malleable material.

Furthermore, using timber is a great way to optimize your business and provide sustainable features to your commercial building for the longest time possible. That being said, here are four advantages of using commercial wood doors in your office space.

Aesthetic Benefits

Commercial wood doors add an incredible touch of beauty and elegance to any business environment. Wood’s unmatched beauty can add character and texture to commercial spaces and provide a more professional look that customers and staff will appreciate. Exposed timber columns and wood trusses can visually appeal and even add an immediate statement to your business building. What’s more, you can apply custom-designed veneers, which you can choose to imprint with your business imagery, text, and logo for a more customized look.


Wood’s construction and design developments have seen it become one of the most durable door materials available over the years. Generally, when the wood is well-maintained, it can last a lifetime. Modern wood preservatives can also enhance its durability. Besides its natural durability, proper treatment and maintenance can enable the wood to withstand extreme weather conditions, making it an ideal choice for almost any climate.

Some timber constructions can resist fire by forming an outer surface of char while maintaining their structural stability. Subsequently, heavy timber buildings and other next-generation timber products can facilitate strength, durability, and dimensional stability to withstand the test of time. Wood constructions are valuable and appreciated, whether used in office space, customer lobby, meeting room, or other commercial environments.

Easy to Use

As a natural door material, wood is highly versatile, meaning it can easily be tailored in design, size, and wood type to suit your office and aesthetic needs. Whether you’re looking for painted surfaces, intricate design work, dark wood, wide grain, or light wood, timber offers endless possibilities to help transform the look and feel of your commercial space. The recent wood developments also mean that most building components can be assembled as soon as they arrive on-site. Furthermore, off-site prefabrication of wood elements drastically reduces on-site building time, making wood construction fairly efficient and fast to build.

As a highly versatile material, timber constructions can be built throughout the year in any climate with easy on-site adjustments due to its flexibility. Wood doors can also be a great choice on tight urban building sites, where creating space for steel fabrication and concrete mixing can be challenging. The biggest advantage is that timber can usually be sourced locally, making its availability and delivery much faster.

High Energy Efficiency

Timber is considered a natural insulator with a remarkable ability to absorb and retain heat. Wood doors can keep warm air during cold days and cool indoor air in summers, thus regulating room temperatures all year long. Moreover, solid wood doors provide high-level energy efficiency than other door types, which can lower your utility bills. Typically, a significant amount of heat is lost due to poorly insulated windows and doors, allowing for the escape of warmth and let in the cold.

With energy-efficient commercial wood doors, you can ensure quality insulation to enhance comfort. Additionally, wood doors with high-grade and tight-fitting weather stripping minimize the impact of outside weather on the indoors, including humidity and temperatures. You can select a solidly built and weather-treated type to lock in energy and prevent it from escaping to the outside.

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