23 Unexpected Ways To Transform An Unused Closet

Just make sure you leave enough legroom so you can still stretch out. As long as you have enough headroom above your monitor, there’s really no such thing as too much shelving (see the photo from The House on Silverado above). You’re going to have a lot to fit in your office, and odds are you won’t be able to unless you embrace multiple layers of shelving.

converted closet ideas

If you need a way to hide your “closet” items while you’re on calls, consider a backdrop. These ideas (both from our research and from our survey of remote workers) will help you plan your closet-to-office renovation no matter what size your closet is. https://remotemode.net/blog/tips-for-converting-your-closet-to-a-cozy-office/ After the close has been painted and the electrical wiring has been installed it is now time to reinstall the desk. This time glue and screw all joints for the final time. Be careful not to damage paint on walls when reinstalling the desk pieces.

Create a cloffice

This design by Tazz Lighting features a closet-turned-office that incorporates a custom-built desk and shelving, as well as a cozy reading nook. LED rope lighting underneath the shelving provides all the light needed to work. Nevertheless, for a genuinely https://remotemode.net/ well-lit closet office, you might have to call an electrician to add light fixtures and outlets to your brand new work zone. Recessed lamps can bring a remarkable degree of illumination to small work areas and look great with almost any decor type.

If you’re anything like Katelyn Richardson or Kookie Jackson, all you need is an extra coat closet to make it a reality. “I would have to say that it’s much easier to do than it looks,” she says. “From there, we lucked out and found the IKEA Kallax bookshelf was the perfect fit as a bench,” she adds. Wood elements like a floating shelf and a bench topper completed the project. The opposite idea of ​​using your closet for a table in a spare room is to use it for an extra bed.

Step 3: Cut and Test Fit Desk Top

The front of the draws were cut from the front trim of the desk so that they are flush when closed. The back edge of the desk has a well that opens up to hide computer cables, telephone wires, etc. Create light boxes and install on the roof of the closet.

Better Homes & Gardens recommends creating a floating desk with plywood or medium-density fiberboard (MDF). We like the floating desk idea because using brackets to mount the desktop will provide legroom. But since plywood provides a breeding ground for splinters, we’d opt for melamine MDF or a laminated shelf, both of which have a smoother surface. Of course, you can always go the simpler route and buy a wall-mounted desk pre-made. The key here is to find the minimum desk size you need to work efficiently without feeling crowded. If you’re lucky enough to have a closet with a window (like the one from The Spruce’s article above), get the most out of it by placing your desk in front of it.

Pros & Cons Of An Office Closet

Feel free to use this simple DIY checklist as guidance to design a WFH closet office tailored to your taste. At the end of a workday, the closet door can be shut to separate the office from the living space. Depending on the kind of cloffice you opt for, it can also become a part of your room’s decor. To store extra volumes while still keeping them on display, place books on the top shelf of the closet. If you’re a real bookworm, add a few more shelves and turn the space into a mini library.

  • Hiring a professional to fill in the open doorway and match the surface to the surrounding walls will cost between $300 and $800.
  • If you’re not ready to commit to a permanent transformation, you’ll need to integrate the window into the space.
  • You also don’t need to include a table with bar stools in your white wine bar.

A closet island can be a good spot for shoe storage, underwear or other fashion accessories. Instead used LED lights or fluorescent lighting to keep the area bright. Using full-spectrum fluorescent bulbs can provide a more natural feeling light. There are other things you can do such as adding a wall accent. The internet is a plethora of creative ideas that you can browse through and mimic so go ahead and explore and just experiment.

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