Worst Vacation Accidents

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No one imagines getting injured on vacation, but it happens to more people than you might think. From broken bones to burns and stitches, one thing you can’t plan for are accidents. However, some injuries are simply worse than others. Here’s a list of some of the worst vacation accidents ever. 

Cloudy Vision on the Rhine River

One man and his travel partner started the first day of their cruise on the Rhine River with the intent of visiting the UNESCO World Heritage windmills in Kinderdijk. Shortly into their journey, the vision in his right eye became clouded with what looked like blots of ink.

Determined to continue, he carried on until the lower half of his eye turned into a grey blur. From there, it was time to seek medical help. Specialists in Cologne determined that he had a detached and torn retina, which meant this journey ended abruptly with months of planning down the drain. 

Luckily, the two had purchased travel insurance as part of their pre-planning. That meant their emergency flight home only cost $200 for the insurance instead of $10,000 for the plane tickets. From there, his regular insurance meant he could get the surgery he needed. 

A Near-Deadly Shower Door

Having just arrived in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, this traveler was on a six-month backpacking tour. They had stayed at a friend’s flat, enjoyed a day of shopping, and had already checked out the city. With the day winding to a close, it was time to shower up and relax. 

Upon entering the shower and closing the glass door, it collapsed and shattered into a million tiny shards. The traveler was covered in blood as they were wheeled out of the lobby and rushed to the emergency room. It took 22 stitches to take care of the lacerations. 

Motorbike Mayhem

While in Thailand, a couple decided to rent motorbikes and head to Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai. On their way to the temple, they were having the time of their lives until they realized that neither had noticed a bend in the road. 

Their bikes hit a crash barrier, sending them flying off the path. Bloodied and injured, these two were in desperate need of medical attention and a motor vehicle accident attorney with neither anywhere nearby.  

They struggled together, moving forward until they could acquire a cell phone signal and call a cab. The wounds were so deep that they stayed in the hospital for days. Once again, travel insurance saved the day for their expenses. 

An Exploding AC Unit

Another couple went to bed in Hoi An, Vietnam, turning the AC on to help beat the heat. All of a sudden, the plastic covering blew off the front and nailed one of them right between the eyes. She was taken into a woman’s human who stitched her up without anesthesia.

While they did have travel insurance for the aftercare required for the wound, no one was able to understand at the time. Luckily, the hotel paid for the cost of the stiches. As it turns out, in-home stitches from a possibly unqualified woman only cost $10.  

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