Exterior House Painting: How Often Should a Homeowner Paint the Exterior of their Home

Painting the exterior of your home is a big job – but it is a necessary one, too. Aside from bringing color and style to your property, this layer of paint can protect the outermost surfaces of your home. 

Choosing the right paints and repainting regularly can bring you many benefits for years to come. But, how often should you paint the exterior of your home? 

Let’s find out. 

How Often Should You Paint the Exterior of Your Home? 

On average, most painters will tell you that the exterior of your home should be painted every 5 to 10 years. Though how often you should paint depends greatly on your home’s outer surface. You will find a general idea below. 

  • Stucco. Stucco surfaces should be painted every 7 to 10 years. This is because they hold up well to outdoor elements and resist fading over time. 
  • Wood. Wooden exteriors, including wood siding or trim, will take a greater hit from the weather thanks to their porous nature. To reduce the chance that they would warp or crack and lead to bigger issues, it is recommended that wood exteriors be painted every 5 to 7 years for the best layer of protection. 
  • Aluminum/Vinyl. Aluminum or vinyl siding is made to withstand outdoor conditions. Painting every 7 to 10 years is a good time frame to ensure that your home is always protected. 

Keep in mind that this is just an average as there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration. 

Importance of Your Home’s Exterior Paint

Sure, painting your home’s exterior can be aesthetically pleasing. You can choose the color that fits your style and taste so that you can achieve the look you have been envisioning. And while this is important for feeling good about your home, it is not the only reason why you want to give some attention to those outside walls. 

Your home’s exterior paint serves a bigger purpose. Here is why it is so important: 

  • Protection from the Elements. The exterior of your home is exposed to any and all outdoor elements. And using high-quality paint can protect it against damage from things like sun and rain. For instance, it can keep moisture out and reduce the chance of mold forming. 
  • Protect Siding and Trim, too. If your home has siding or trim, these also need to be protected from outdoor elements. Painting them will seal them up and keep them safe. 
  • Increase Property Value. Whether you are looking to sell your property or just looking to increase its value, painting the exterior can help. 
  • Spot Issues Early. As your home is prepared for painting, it is easy to spot potential issues you may need to address. Insect infestations, wood damage, cracks, and so forth can all lead to big problems and costly repairs if not caught early.
  • Better Curb Appeal. When you paint the exterior of your home, you give it a fresh look. This can be eye-catching and really boost your curb appeal.

Importance of Hiring Professional Painters

Professional painters understand how crucial it is to have a solid paint job using all the right tools in order to keep your house well-protected from the outdoor elements. This includes the prep work as well as choosing the right high-quality paint. 

These experts know that determining when you need to paint your home is based on more than just the year. Its current quality of paint, the climate where you reside, which direction your home faces, and so forth are all taken into consideration. 

Don’t attempt to take on this job yourself – invest in professional painting services.

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