What is the Average Height for a Semi Truck?

Heights, lengths and weights of semi-trucks can vary from truck to truck, but generally speaking, standard semi-trailer dimensions, as set by the U.S. Department of Transportation, allow for lengths of 48 to 53 feet. The average height is 13.5 feet, or 162 inches. Unlike the height and length parameters, which allow for variations, width is more standardized at 8.5 feet. 

The exact standard dimensions of semi-trailers are:

  • Length: 48 – 53 feet (576 – 636 inches)
  • Width: 8.5 feet (102 inches)
  • Height: 13.5 feet (162 inches)

While 13 and a half feet is most common, the standard height of an 18-wheeler can be up to 14 feet, and even as high as 15 feet, in some cases. There are no federal regulations on semi-truck heights, however. But if you’ve ever paid attention to those yellow signs on overpasses indicating the clearance height, now you know why. Anything close to 14 feet or lower can cause issues for truck drivers with taller semis and trailers.

Are There Height Limits on Semi-Trucks?

While there are no federal enforcements of mandated truck heights, the Department of Transportation for each state may impose height limits on semi-trucks and trailers traveling on highways in their states. For example, the California Department of Transportation enforces a maximum height of 14 feet for all semi-trucks. On the other hand, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation limits semi-trucks to be no taller than 13.5 feet.

Other countries do impose federal guidelines on semi-truck heights. For example, The United Kingdom sets the maximum height for semi-trucks at 13.1 feet — lower than the average height of a semi-truck in the United States. Truck drivers crossing the border from the United States to Canada or Mexico should be aware of those countries’ regulations as well. Most Canadian provinces set the maximum vehicle height at 4.15 meters, or 13.5 feet. The maximum height authorized for all vehicle classes and all road types in Mexico is 4.25 meters, or 13.94 feet.

An interesting side note is that the standard semi-truck height in the state of Alaska is limited to 15 feet — much higher than the standard average height in other U.S. states.

Here is a state-by-state listing of the allowable heights for semi-truck trailers across America:

  • Alabama: 13’6″
  • Alaska: 15′
  • Arizona: 14′
  • Arkansas: 13’6″
  • California: 14′
  • Colorado:14’6″
  • Connecticut: 13’6″
  • Delaware: 13’6″
  • Florida: 13’6″
  • Georgia: 13’6″
  • Idaho: 14′
  • Illinois: 13’6″
  • Indiana: 13’6″
  • Iowa: 13’6″
  • Kansas: 14′
  • Kentucky: 13’6″
  • Louisiana: 13’6″ (14′ on designated highways)
  • Maine: 13’6″
  • Maryland: 13’6″
  • Massachusetts: 13’6″
  • Michigan: 13’6″
  • Minnesota: 13’6″
  • Mississippi: 13’6″
  • Missouri: 13’6″
  • Montana: 14′
  • Nebraska: 14’6″
  • Nevada: 14′
  • New Hampshire: 13’6″
  • New Jersey: 13’6″
  • New Mexico: 14′
  • New York: 13’6″
  • North Carolina: 13’6″
  • North Dakota: 14′
  • Ohio: 13’6″
  • Oklahoma: 13’6″
  • Oregon vehicles height limit: 14′
  • Pennsylvania: 13’6″
  • Rhode Island: 13’6″
  • South Carolina: 13’6″
  • South Dakota: 14′
  • Tennessee: 13’6″
  • Texas: 14′
  • Utah: 14′
  • Vermont:  13’6″
  • Virginia: 13’6″
  • Washington: 14′
  • West Virginia: 13’6″
  • Wisconsin: 13’6″
  • Wyoming: 14′

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