Tips For Traveling With Your Teenager

If you are the If you are the parent of a teenager and are you in the process of planning a trip that requires flying, then you might be a little stressed out. While there are many benefits to traveling with your family, it can also be an overwhelming ordeal that will make your trip less enjoyable. This is why it is important that you have a plan and are well prepared before you leave for the airport.

When you travel with a teenager, you may actually find that you are very lucky. This is due in part to your child’s age. Teens are likely to be more pleasant and cooperative on flights, especially when compared to toddlers and preschoolers. Still, you may be looking for some additional advice, just in case.

According to Parenting Teenagers Academy, one of the first things you should do is teach your child the importance of being careful of what they say at the airport. With security concerns, it is not uncommon for travelers to be held in for a closer look, even when they are kidding around. Many teens like to joke, so be sure to let your teen know the dangers of doing so. 

Make sure he knows certain words that should not be repeated at an airport, such as knife, pistol, bomb, or terrorist. Your teen may already know the importance of this information, but there is nothing wrong with providing a quick reminder.

If you let your child prepare their bag for your trip, be sure to take a quick look. Checking your teenager’s luggage is extremely important. Does your child have anything in their carry-on that may cause your family to be more severely screened at an airport security checkpoint? For checked baggage, make sure that your child’s bag is not overfilled. Also make sure it doesn’t put anything of great value or importance, like a digital camera or laptop, as damage can occur.

Also make sure your teen has something to drink or a snack for the trip. This is particularly ideal for short flights or for picky eaters and drinkers. While many dry snacks are fine before arriving at the airport, drinks are another story. Due to a liquid limit, ask your child to take a soda, water, or juice from an airport store, i.e. the one that is positioned after going through all the necessary security checks. This approach may cost more money, but the end result will cause you much less hassle.

Since all passengers are entitled to carry-on baggage, make sure your teenager brings things that interest them. For example, books and magazines are a cheap way to keep teens busy on the plane. Additional items that are perfect for teens are the portable video game consoles, DVD player and MP3 player. 

There are some places where you can rent these items if you or your teenager do not already have them. When using anything electronic, be sure to bring a few extra batteries and keep them in your purse or carry-on.

If this is their first flight, leave room near the window when possible. And give him the digital camera if you have one.

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