5 Tips for Making Wonderful Instagram Live Videos

We all know that Instagram is one of the most effective social media platforms that a business owner can use to advertise his business and increase its reach. Instagram has more than 1 billion active users and 50 percent of them visit business accounts daily. So you can understand how diverse Instagram is as a marketing platform.

In this article, we will discuss 5 tips for making effective Instagram Live videos that will engage your viewers a lot.

You must be imagining despite so many other features why we are going to discuss only on Instagram Live. So let’s clear your confusion first.

  • Instagram alerts your followers about your live session by sending an automatic push notification.
  • Instagram Live increases your visibility by placing you at the first position in the story feed.
  • Live videos create a stronger bond with your followers and viewers.
  • Instagram Live shows the face behind your business thus humanizing it.
  • The Instagram algorithm will also place your live video in the Explore tab thus helping you to reach people who currently do not follow you.

With all that said let’s discuss the tips.

Be Genuine

The first and the foremost thing, always try to be genuine and yourself. To understand the importance of being genuine you have to first understand why people will prefer to see your live video. In a live video, your followers do not want you to turn into a typical salesperson constantly reading out the benefits of a product, they want a genuine you interacting with them.

To look genuine, do not hold yourself back from showing emotions, and interact with your viewers in a friendly manner. Being genuine here does not mean that you will come up live and start talking about what you cooked in the lunch, do not overdramatize and stick to your purpose but in a friendly way. 

Plan Everything Well

Everything needs proper planning and so does an Instagram live. Coming live on Instagram and talking about your business, its products, and benefits might be very alluring but do not do that. Instagram Live should indeed be in a casual way but plan everything for your live session beforehand like what you will say, what products you will discuss, etc.

You should also plan what type of live session you are going to hold like whether it will be a Q&A session, product launch session, or behind the scenes. Apart from these, there can be other Instagram live sessions also like an office tour, product review, and demo video on how to effectively use the product. Whatever session you do, try to keep your viewers engaged for as long as possible

Be Consistent

To boost the success chances of your Instagram Live session, you have to be consistent with it. Your consistent sessions will make your followers excited about your sessions and will increase engagement in your profile. If you are still confused with this tip then let’s take a scenario to understand it better. Assume that you are a food blogger and baker then you can come up live twice every week, one day with new baking recipes and the other day with a Q&A session where you will clear the baking-related doubts of your viewers. 

Engage With Your Viewers

The best part of Instagram live is that it is two-way communication (businesses also still use Two Way Radios). Here your viewers can connect with you in real-time. It might be difficult for you to read every comment but try to acknowledge as many comments as you can by keeping pace with your session. Your viewers will feel special and will be overwhelmed when they will get a live acknowledgment of their comments. This will also make your viewers feel connected with your brand. If you fail to acknowledge all comments then you can hold a Q&A at the end of the live session.

To increase the reach of the live videos you need to have more followers to see them. You can buy real Instagram followers if you do not have enough.

Promote Your Sessions Beforehand

All the above tips will nearly go in vain if you do not follow this one. Just think, you are coming live on Instagram to reach more people and improve the engagement with your viewers so if you do not tell your viewers beforehand about your live sessions then how will they know about it and join your live session. 

Another thing you must keep in mind is that if you are targeting a particular type of customer then you can use other channels to particularly inform them beforehand about your live session. You can use email marketing to reach that potential group of customers.


Here you go with the 5 top tips that you must follow to make an effective live Instagram video. So, what are you waiting for? Go and create an effective live video on Instagram and give your business a boost.

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