4 Easy Jewelry Storage Methods to Preserve Your Gems

When you have a lot of precious jewelry, it can be hard to store them. They might take up valuable space in your home or apartment, and they are often too cumbersome to wear every day. Jewelry also needs to be stored well for its preservation since they are prone to damage and rust, which may cause a loss in value or irrefutable damage. Thankfully, there are many ways to keep your gemstones protected without taking up much space.

1. Use a Rotating Jewelry Display

A rotating jewelry display lets you put several jewelry pieces on one rotating base, no matter the size. You can take whichever piece of jewelry you want to wear and rotate them in the display until the other pieces are brought back into the safekeeping. This method is easy to do, and it keeps your precious gems clean while not being worn. It makes it easy for you to change from one gemstone to another depending on your mood and outfit that day, which saves time and effort.

2. Hang Necklaces on Decorative Hooks

A great way to keep necklaces is by hanging them on a decorative hook. You can make a few holes in the wall and hang the hooks onto the holes. When you aren’t wearing a necklace, hang it back up on the hook to keep it safe. The advantage of this method is that you get to organize your necklaces better. You can even get creative with the design of the hooks and DIY them according to your preference. It is also a brilliant yet organized way to display your necklaces.

3. Sort Jewelry With an Acrylic Organizer

Acrylic organizers are great for keeping things in order. Especially when you have a lot of jewelry, they can be a great way to keep all your pieces together. There is also a huge benefit to using this type of organizer over other storage options because jewelry acrylic organizers are shatterproof and durable. Additionally, if you want to change how it looks, you can always paint or stain the organizer.

4. Spread Necklaces Out in Partitioned Trays

A great way to store necklaces is to stack them in individual trays. They can be placed on top of each other, but that only takes up a lot of room, or you can use a different partitioned tray. For the partitioned trays you can buy, you can make them in various designs and colors. This way, they will not take up much space, but they will still let you see all your favorite pieces at a glance.

Essentially, storing jewelry is all about considering the size of your pieces, the type of pieces you have, and the way you want to store them. If you are trying to save space, you could get creative and use a rotating display instead of just a single tray. It’s important to properly store your jewelry so you can limit damage to it, and every so often, it’s important to have your jewelry professionally cleaned and repaired.

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