How To Clean Windows

It is essential to maintain your home from the inside and outside using commercial cleaning services where possible. Windows usually catch dust, grime or fingerprints that are clearly visible when the sun shines on them. Cleaning windows, an important part of your home’s exterior and interior, is quite a challenging task. The method involved in cleaning windows is described below in detail and check this site out.

Screens First

It is better to clean the outside windows first. Remove any windscreens that are attached to your windows on the outside. Place them under a running hose. The spray of water will clear out any dust or grime that is blocking the netting of your windscreen.

Take a bucket and fill it with lukewarm, soapy water. Dip a brush that has soft bristles in the water and gently rub the whole window screen to remove any soil, dust or bugs. Place the soaped windscreen under the running hose again to rinse it off and keep it outside to air dry.

The Windows

Use a dry cloth to sweep off any dust that is on the window pane and window frame. If the windows are too high, you can use a dry broom with a long handle instead. Then take a bucket of fresh plain water and add a little dishwashing detergent in it to make it soapy. You can also use commercial glass cleaners that are especially formulated for windows. If you have a choice, select one that has ammonia in it, for excellent results.

Next, dip a sponge or a cleaning cloth into the bucket. Wring out any excess water and rub the entire surface of the window with that sponge, dipping it into the bucket at regular intervals. Once the whole window is soaped, use a squeegee to wipe off the soap. Do not forget to clean the frame of each window as well.

Dip it into water or a cleaning solution and clean the soap off using regular strokes on your window to avoid any marks. Do not forget to wipe off the head of the squeegee with a dry cloth after every stroke to avoid any marks on the glass. Finally, use a dry cloth to dry the window panes and the window frames as well. You can use the same method to clean the inside windows too.


Avoid cleaning on sunny days as the soap and water on the windows may dry up quickly leaving streaks on the glass. Also, make sure to change the water often for better cleaning. click to find out more

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