What are architectural shingles?

Architectural shingles are the primary recommended type of shingles that are commonly used by almost every roofing company in the United States, including Cavalry Roofing who we consulted with for information on what architectural shingles are, and their benefits. Architectural shingles are also called laminate or dimensional shingles are made of a heavy fiberglass mat base which is coated with water-resistant asphalt of multiple layers. They are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and texture. They enhance the beauty of your house, curb appeal, and your home resale value.  At the top layer of shingle, mineral granules coated with ceramic are ingrained. 

Furthermore, on an architectural shingle, the mating base is made much heavier than traditional asphalt shingle. Architectural shingles have different sizes, unlike 3-tab shingles. These shingles consist of different layers of Asphalt, when installed they generate a three-dimensional, staggered roofing pattern.

The architectural material of shingles is dependent on the weather conditions of your home location. The most important and primary function of architectural shingles is to protect your family from rain and heavy snow in winter and humidity or heat in summer. 

Advantages of Architectural shingles

Many people like the architectural shingles because of its multi-dimensional appearance and distinct- textural but afraid of its higher price without knowing its benefits. Here are some of the top benefits of using commercial architects:


They are heavier than 3-tab shingles and are durable. Standard asphalt shingles have only one layer of material on top of the glass mat, while architectural shingles contain multiple layers of materials. They have a higher resistance towards wind due to its thickness and composition. 


 Layers of Architectural shingles contain fiberglass that provides fire and heat resistance which makes them ideal for summer. Their structure is stronger enough to hold up against the severe wind. 

Energy efficient

When you buy an asphalt roof, it installs on the whole house that also includes underlayment which makes your home as energy-efficient. There is a variety of asphalt shingles available that can reduce the temperature of the roof surface and ultimately your home will use less energy for cooling which makes it energy efficient. 

Sound protection

Architectural shingles have the ability to insulate sound. It offers sound protection from external noises in a complete roofing system. 

Algae resistance

Algae grow like a black strain across the house based on wood which is a growing problem. Shingles have a built-in resistance against algae. It is also helpful in protecting the appearance and color of your roof by inhibiting the growth of blue-green algae. 

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