Preparing for 2024 Exhibitions

If you have exhibitions booked in the new year, it’s not too early to start planning now. Planning for an exhibition takes time, money and even more time, so if you have the chance to get a head start – we’d say to take it!

No matter if the event is in January or later in the year in March, having everything to go in good time will make the event process quicker and smoother, and most importantly you’ll end up with the exhibition stand your brand deserves. 

One of the main aspects of planning ahead is having access to all exhibition stands. You won’t be struggling for time, which means if you find the perfect display stand and it has a longer lead time, it won’t be an issue. You’ll be using the marketing budget in the way it’s intended rather than making a quick purchase for a display that can be turned around in an express time frame. 

Speaking from experience, graphics can be a time consuming part of exhibition planning. Printing on such a large scale opens up more room for error. When images are being scaled up, the possibility of pixelation is quite high, especially if the quality of the image isn’t great to begin with. Use the additional time to get the artwork right, to source high quality images and get the placement of the entire design down to perfection. 

With more time to spare, you’re more likely to plan for the future, therefore making an exhibition investment that is reusable. Last minute purchases are tailored to the event coming up in 3 days time and only that space and crowd are taken into consideration. 

Planning months in advance gives you the opportunity to assess the floor spaces you’ve booked and the size of the stands that are needed. By comparing the floorspace it’s possible to see the number of panels required and how your choice of stand can be adjusted to fit within more than one stand space. In this instance, discovering a Modular Exhibition Stand is how to get the most out of your investment, ensuring long term use with the same frame.

Being prepared has many benefits, though we understand that it’s not always a possibility. But where it is, it’s best to take advantage of a longer time frame so you can secure exactly what you need, making the budget go further and your design options maximized. 

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