Things You Need To Know Bench Warrant

We all are aware of the term “warrant.” You must have heard this word numerous times in the movies and daily soaps. There are different kinds of warrants, some are arrest warrants, and some are bench warrants. You can get bail in different ways, and it depends upon the crime in which the defendant is involved. 

If a court issues a bench warrant or an arrest warrant against you, you might want to take some action to defend yourself. Getting yourself a bail for a bench warrant is not easy. Once there is a warrant in your name, the police can take you in custody anytime. They have all the right to pick you up from the office, bus stop, or from your home. 

Why are warrants issued?

Arrest warrant- If the police have proof that you have committed a crime, an officer can request the court to issue a warrant for your arrest. Once you are in custody, you can only appeal for bail in your initial hearing. 

Bench warrant – A bench warrant is to take the person in custody and take them to the court to see why the warrant was issued. Usually, a bench warrant is for the failure of appearance in the court on a specified date.

If there is a warrant in your name, the police can put you behind bars until the next court hearing. 

Missing a court appearance

For some small criminal charges, you may receive a summons or notice to appear in court. Summons or notice is issued directly by the court, and if you ignore this, the consequences can be dangerous.

Depending on the charges, you may be required to visit the court numerous times. If you fail to appear as per the order, the judge can charge you a hefty fine or charge you with the crime of failure for not attending the court. 

Imprisonment and Fines

  • If you are found guilty, a jail sentence can be imposed on you by the judge for a certain period. Depending on the crime, maybe for a lifetime. If you are found guilty of failure or contempt of court, you have to pay a fine. The judge decides the amount
  • If you fail to appear in court, the judge can order to suspend your driving license. In this case, most of the crime is related to accidents and violations of traffic rules. It is effective until you appear in the court and give a valid reason with proof to the judge. 

You might want to know all the assets that they can take from you in the lawsuit.

The best way that you can clear a bench warrant is by appearing in front of the judge strictly at the time specified. There is no other way to get rid of the warrants. The more you skip your court hearings, the more will be the consequences. It can lead to a considerable amount of fines, which sometimes people can’t even afford. 

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