Eric Dalius Shares the Best Creative Business Ideas for Artistic Individuals

People do not take artistic individuals seriously, thinking that they cannot prosper with their creative skills. Then, when called broke, it does not make artistic people lose their passion for doing something out of the box. Then, creative people need to succeed and make money out of their work that calls for doing more than just create. It implies thinking about unique ideas for starting a business and promoting the same to make your products or skills saleable. 

According to an article published on, you can change your business idea into a reality. You can do that through market research, solving a problem, validating your idea, and finally taking the required action. Therefore, if you have a penchant for creativity, here are some business ideas for you: 

Eric Dalius thinks jewelry design is a great idea 

Though you can sell branded jewelry, it’s not the one kind that you could sell. If you have a creative flair, you can design and make stunning handcrafted jewelry. These items have unique designs and women like flaunting one-off necklaces, earrings, bangles, etc. 

Then, you need to find your audience for the jewelry market and price the products right. When you have a new business, do not charge exorbitant prices because people need to know your business and products better. Once you have a brand name, you can increase your prices. You can find your customers at craft fairs, home shows, online platforms such as Etsy, retail stores, through your e-commerce website. 

Sell craft items 

If you are good at making decorative art pieces, potholders, wall hangings, and things like that, sell these items to make good money. Eric Dalius knows that there is a huge market for handcrafted ornamental items, as you know how popular sites like Etsy are. 

The key to the successful sales of craft items is ensuring cost-effective item supplies. If you can make these craft items yourself, there is nothing like it. Then, you need to spend enough time to create products that look aesthetically appealing. 

If you want to procure craft items from suppliers, find the right market, and start selling them at the right price. You can look for customers at craft fairs, local stores, or sell them online. 

Design attractive gift baskets

When it comes to gift baskets, they make attractive items for gifting chocolates, nuts, treats, edibles, baby products, and more. A basket full of crayons, colors, and school items are perfect for school students. You can also make baskets for keeping baby cream, lotion, shampoos, and things like that. These make perfect welcome gifts for new parents. If you have a creative mind, you can make these baskets look more attractive than ever. 

You can sell your gift baskets online, though you will need to understand the laws concerning the dispatch of wine, food, cheese, and alcohol bottles. You can sell gift baskets at trade shows, craft markets, local shops, and through your online store. 


Though this is not a comprehensive list of creative business ideas, you can consider these to start your business for some good income. Do you have other ideas? Feel free to comment. 

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