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If you’ve ever thought of helping your health problems through the use of hemp, then you might be surprised to know that your dog can benefit too. There is a range of treats on the market that are infused with hemp. Thanks to these treats being available, your dog can experience the same beneficial effects of hemp as you do. 

However, it’s always worth doing your research, and so we put together this article to help you do that. It will cover the different types of treats that you can buy for your dog. 

  • Oil 

You can give your dog hemp oil directly, without there being any medium. You might coat their biscuits in it or mix some into their water, for example. This has a range of advantages. It places the hemp inside the substances that your dog already consumes, and it makes it easier for them to digest as it’s mixed in with what they normally eat. The oil from hemp will also help any dog that’s suffering from arthritis or certain other health problems. These problems include complications with the eyes, heart, kidneys, and liver. This makes hemp oil a great solution for the health problems your dog has. 

  • Capsules 

Sometimes you might prefer to give your dog cbd hemp in the form of medicine, such as in capsule form. These make it easier for a dog to ingest hemp if they dislike the oil being integrated with their food. You don’t need to freeze capsules, and they’ll last longer if you leave them on the shelf. If you and your dog travel frequently, it can be difficult to get the oil into their systems, but if you use capsules, you won’t have to worry about this as the hemp is safely stored inside. That means it will only be released when your dog is digesting it. 

  • Chews  

If you want to make your dog even happier whilst they consume their hemp, then you can give them hemp dog treats. These are tasty and appealing to all dogs because of the way they are designed and the flavors they have. A lot of dog owners who want to put their dog on a hemp routine will end up using dog treats because they are much more familiar for their dog. Familiarity means the dog is less likely to resist consuming the hemp, which is important if you’ve put them on a strict routine with a set dosage. 

  • Gummies 

If your dog is not partial to chews or doesn’t have many teeth, then an ideal alternative is gummies. These are like chews, but more compact and easier for your dog to swallow. You can get them from a range of pet food stores that offer hemp products. You just need to make sure that no children get their hands on them, as they are generally colorful and can be easily mistaken for a packet of sweets. Luckily this does not happen often. Your dog will probably eat hemp this way if none of the other methods work. 

  • Conclusion 

You now know some of the many ways that you can encourage your dog to eat hemp. You can use chews, gummies, cbd oil, or capsules. This means there is no excuse when it comes to making hemp available for your dog. The only problem is getting it down their throats without them making a fuss about it. Luckily, treats such as gummies and capsules are ideal for this. You can find plenty of resources about hemp for dogs online, but we hope this article has covered the basics for you. 

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