Five Must-try Restaurants on a Visit to San Francisco

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As a hotspot for foodies and a city that presents many dining opportunities not available in the rest of the country, one of the most important questions on the minds of anyone traveling to San Francisco is where they should eat. The Bay Area boasts numerous international restaurants as well as bars, bakeries, diners, and much more. 

Below are five options to consider for vacationers and business travelers, whether they have been to San Francisco many times or this is their first visit.

Pearl 6101

Located in the Richmond neighborhood at 6101 California Street, Pearl 6101 is a corner dining room offering menu items such as wood-fired pork chops and handmade pasta. It also has an on-site bar with the pearl martini being one of the favorite drinks served among locals. The pearl martini combines pickled sea bean and Italian vermouth for a memorable flavor experience.


A minimalist restaurant located at 330 Gough Street, Nightbird offers a ten-course tasting menu that changes frequently. For a cost of approximately $145, diners receive menu items such as caviar and quail egg served in a fried shallow nest. This is in keeping with the bird theme of the restaurant. Other popular menu choices include squab with sunflower and sunchoke and halibut with asparagus and green pepper.

Z & Y Restaurant

Already known as the most authentic Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, Z & Y continues to evolve by adding new dishes to keep up with demand. Diners can enjoy traditional hot and spicy dishes like chicken with explosive chili peppers or Szechuan poached beef in hot chili oil. Examples of cold side dishes include bitter melon with honey and cucumber salad. Duck, beef, lamb, pork, and tofu are just some other menu items to consider. Z & Y has the distinction of having a head chef that served presidents both in the United States and China.

Tartine Manufactory

Located inside a former warehouse, Tartine Manufactory offers multiple eating and drinking experiences in a single location. For dessert, visitors to San Francisco will want to hit up the well-known Tartine Bakery. They can also visit the wine bar, enjoy an ice cream cone or other dairy treat at the ice cream window, or pick up something at the coffee counter or restaurant. Menu favorites from the latter include ricotta, lamb neck ragu, and durum pappardelle that chefs have freshly milled or coddled eggs with fresh horseradish, sea trout roe, and za’atar toast.

House of Prime Rib

The House of Prime Rib has been a staple in the Nob Hill area for 30 years. While the menu doesn’t offer a lot of variety, it more than makes up for it in sheer deliciousness. Diners only need decide the thickness and temperature of their prime rib. Of course, they need to decide on side items and drinks as well. Choices here include loaded baked potatoes or mashed potatoes and drinks like a martini or a Manhattan. Salad, Yorkshire pudding, and creamed spinach round out each offering.

With these five options for every palate, visiting San Francisco should be every foodie’s dream come true.

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