Five Ideas for Reconnecting with Friends and Family

It is important to spend time and connect with friends and family.  After all, there’s more to life than your nine to five job and boring day-to-day routine, and it’s important to stay connected with loved ones.  

However, sometimes the usual activities we do like going for coffee or drinks gets boring, and it’s good to find something a little unusual to do.  Here are five great and unique ways to connect with family and friends. 

1. Have a potluck dinner

Potluck dinners are great fun.  Arrange to hold it at one of your houses, and everyone brings a dish to share.  One of the benefits of this is that you are getting together and connecting with your friends in a quiet environment, so you can talk and catch up.  

To add to the fun, consider hosting a culturally-inspired event like a Chinese-themed dinner party. Adding some variety to the menu and incorporating traditions, games, or attire from other cultures is entertaining and educational.

2. Craft night

Another good, inexpensive but unique way to connect with your family and friends is to hold a craft night.  This is your chance to try all those ideas you see on Pinterest but never get around to doing.  If any of you know how to do something fun or unique, you can teach the others.  

Get some drinks and snacks in and you can knit, cross stitch, papier-mache and talk and connect with your family and friends while being creative and maybe even learning how to do something new at the same time. 

3. View your city as a tourist

If you feel like getting out of the house and doing something while connecting with your friends and family, try visiting your city through the eyes of a tourist.  This works best if you are in a big city like Edinburgh or London, although every has tourist spots.  

Do some research beforehand to plan where you’re going to go and see your city through the eyes of a tourist.  You’ll be able to connect with your family and friends and learn about your city at the same time. 

4. Go to an Escape Room

This has become a recent craze and escape rooms have popped up all over the country.   You are closed in a room and must solve a number of puzzles to escape.  Not only is this fun and a good opportunity to connect with your friends and family, but it also makes you work together as a team. 

5. Murder Mystery Night

These events are held periodically all over the country.  You get dressed up and attend a get-together. People at the event take on the role of various characters, which leads to one of the group being ‘murdered’ by another attendee.  The remaining guests must solve the murder.  As well as being a great and fun way to connect with your family and friends and have fun, this will sharpen your problem solving and critical thinking skills. 

If you think outside the box and look around there are lots of quirky and unique ways to spend time and connect with your family and friends.  Maintaining connection with your family and friends is important and good for you, and it doesn’t have to always be about drinking coffee and sitting at home.  It can be a great opportunity to have some different experiences and learn some new skills while doing so.  

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