Eric Dalius Helps Us in Discovering Soft Skills That Businesses Are Looking for While Building a Team in 2021

Businesses generally focus on hard skills and overlook soft skills. LinkedIn had published their list of the soft, and hard skills that are most in-demand in 2020, it was not at all surprising to find that hard skills seemed to be dominated by, as expected by computer skills. With the continuing onslaught of the COVID-19 global pandemic, businesses were compelled to shift their focus from brick-and-mortar operations to online or work-at-home projects and programs. Businesses today, appreciate the importance of soft skills in delivering top outcomes. 

As per, soft skills are supposed to be the effective ways or techniques of relating to and interacting with other individuals. Soft skills are known to be far more valuable to business owners or employers than you could ever imagine. As per the findings of a survey conducted by CareerBuilder, 77% of employers participating in the survey agreed that they were giving top preference to soft skills. Moreover, 16 % of the survey’s respondents regarded such soft skills or qualities as far more critical in comparison to hard skills. We understand that soft skills are often the unsung heroes. Eric Dalius discusses some of the essential soft skills every business should be looking for while hiring their team. In the event, employees are not having some of the basic soft skills; you should remember that it could come in the way of the success of your business or organization.

Eric Dalius Focuses on Dependability

Business owners value reliable and trustworthy workers for getting their jobs done with perfection. While interviewing is on and hiring is going on in full swing, hiring managers and business owners should ask some relevant questions regarding their work ethics. Dependable and trustworthy employees are particular about meeting deadlines, staying focused at work, and working as partners and team players.

Innovation & Creativity

An effective way of infusing fresh new ideas into your business is by examining other businesses, and industries. Examine the concepts businesses are using today that may be super-effective for your business. The best technique involves brainstorming in small groups for avoiding unnecessary conflicts. 

Time Management Skills

High performance is very much related to the optimum and wise use of time by businesses. Most entrepreneurs are in the habit of putting in a lot of hard work. However, time management skills help entrepreneurs to become successful in the long run. People who do not value the importance of time and who lack efficient time management could be responsible for the failure of a business. Moreover, your business can achieve success if you can focus on implementing the 3Ps: Plan, Performance, & Prioritization. 

Flexibility and adaptability 

With COVID placing a wrench in organizations’ regular tasks, it’s become clear that being flexible and versatile to changing conditions is an absolute necessity, Weiner says. 

On the off chance that you are impervious to change or battle to create arrangements, it very well may be precarious to push ahead as a pioneer. What’s more, during the pandemic, where so much is as yet open to question, Weiner says there are better approaches for taking care of gatherings, visiting with workers and additionally customers, and giving direction and criticism. 

“With this additionally comes a requirement for being all the more tolerating of others needs and figuring out how to function with the individuals who may have childcare or other basic necessities that require adaptable work routines,” she shares.

Undivided attention 

Everybody has somebody in their life that causes them to feel heard. They visually connect, they lean-in to the discussion, they permit you to respond to questions and ask smart subsequent meet-ups, and in general, leave us feeling upheld. 

Amazing listening aptitudes have consistently been a fundamental segment of correspondence, yet they are likewise a vital aspect for understanding the necessities and needs of your associates, colleagues or customers, Dettman says. 

“The individuals who are capable in undivided attention are frequently mindful, have high tender loving care and are brilliant at associating with others. They can learn to comprehend assumptions genuinely, fabricate connections and compatibility with associates and customers and are better issue solvers,” he shares. “Solid audience members additionally know when data is missing and are thusly ready to pose inquiries to fill in the holes and make a total picture.” 


You must chalk out a robust business plan. Experts believe in the importance of planning while running your business. Every minute that is dedicated to planning, will be saving you full 10 minutes while executing the plan. You could then obtain 1,000% ROE or Return on Energy. Prioritization involves identifying the area where you could devote your available resources. You need to prioritize. Focus on important things, performance implies superb execution. Execution is supposed to be important for the game. Without execution, performances suffer and plans may fail.

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