8 Reasons to Book a White Water Rafting Trip on a Vacation

Planning a vacation can be stressful when there are tons of activities to choose from. Many people have found white water rafting to be a fantastic vacation pastime. Here are just 8 reasons to go rafting on your next trip.

1- Great Exercise

White water rafting makes for a good cardiovascular workout. Rowing the oars of the raft is an effective way to build upper body strength. Trying to stay balanced in the raft also strengthens your leg and abdominal muscles. What’s even better is the fact that you’ll be getting an effective workout without even realizing it because you’ll be having tons of fun.

2- Time Outdoors

Studies have found that spending time outdoors improves sleep, reduces fatigue, and can reduce the risk of developing respiratory diseases. Moreover, many people regret not spending more time outdoors when they were younger, and white water rafting is an enjoyable way to do that and reconnect with Mother Nature.

3- Strengthens Relationships

When you’re packed together in a raft with your friends and loved ones, it’s hard not to bond over that shared experience. Working together as a team will be necessary while rafting and navigating the rapids, and you can take those fortifying experiences with you as you go home.

4- Adventure and Adrenaline Rush

Most thrill-seekers and daredevils alike love white water rafting. Many white water rafting companies will allow you to choose river paths that are called “thrill-plus,” which gives more of an adrenaline rush. But don’t worry, there are plenty of easier paths to choose from too if the extreme thrill is not your thing.

5- Wildlife and Greenery

Those who like to study animal and plant life would likely get a kick out of white water rafting. Along the river bank, there is a wide array of vegetation and plant life that is sometimes harder to find in other places. You can also enjoy seeing a variety of birds flying overhead and fish swimming in between the roaring rapids.

6- Relieves Stress

The American Heart Association advises getting at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity each week. Exercise like this helps reduce stress in the body and mind. Exercises like rowing a raft have continuous repetitive motions that force you to concentrate on your body. Keeping your mind on what your body needs to do to get to your goal, it is similar to meditating, which improves mental clarity.

7- Memorable Experience

Some studies have found that people who choose to spend money on buying experiences rather than on tangible products are often happier. This is because the nostalgia and good memories of an experience leave a person with a greater impression of fulfillment and happiness. For that reason, adventurous experiences like white water rafting can be invaluable.

8- Fun and Enjoyable

Last but not least, going white water rafting is just plain fun. There is limited time in our lifespan, so why not enjoy it with loved ones on a great adventure?

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