Is Yacht Charter in Phuket Affordable for the Average Tourist?

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Unfortunately, there are tourists that mistakenly think yacht charter is beyond their budget, with prices that only a millionaire can afford to pay, yet this is very much a myth, as a group of people can share the costs. Of course, if you would like to charter a large yacht that is fully crewed, this would not be cheap, but a small yacht shared by 5 or 6 couples actually works out at a reasonable cost per person, and as the cost is all inclusive, you wouldn’t need much in the way of spending money.

Tailor the Sailing Experience

If you and your partner make up a list of friends who you think might be interested in joining you on a 3-week cruise in the Andaman Sea, you can then make a presentation to them over dinner. If you get a good response and have 5 other couples who can make the timeline, then you can start talking to yacht charter firms. Prior to being able to quote for a holiday, they would need a lot of information, such as the number of people, the route and duration of the cruise, plus the menus and provisions you require. While a schedule can be created, this certainly does not tie you to any prepared route, which you can changed at any time, should you wish to stay a little longer at one particular location. The great thing about private yacht charter in Thailand is that you get to choose every aspect of the holiday, right down to the music and entertainment.

Crunching the Numbers

Once you have a firm route and schedule in mind, the charter company can quote you a price that is all-inclusive and when you divide that among your group, this will give you a per person figure that you can approach the group with. When you take a package holiday that includes the flights and accommodation, there are still a lot of extras you still have to pay for, whereas, a chartered yacht has everything you need onboard, even your choice of alcohol and food. You will be pleasantly surprised at how low the cost is when shared by all the group and this can be a once in a lifetime opportunity to live the millionaire lifestyle. Here are a few finance tips for married couples, which is worth investigating if you are trying to save for the holiday.

Split Holiday

If the cost is still a little more than you can afford, you could divide your time between a coastal resort and the chartered yacht. You can charter a luxury yacht for a single day, if you wish, or a few days, which would allow you to experience the wonders of the Phi Phi Islands, which are close to Phuket. Day charters are very popular in Phuket and there are many resorts and coastal bungalows that you can rent for a few days. You could arrange for the yacht charter after one week staying at a premier beach resort, which gives you the best of both worlds.

Grouping with like-minded friends certainly makes a luxury yacht charter more affordable and prior to making a booking, do check the entry requirements for Thailand during the pandemic. It might be necessary to self-quarantine for 10-14 days when entering Thailand, although the status can change at any time.

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