8 Budget-Friendly Back-to-School Gift Ideas for Your Teacher

As the summer winds down, children and parents around the country will shop for supplies needed for a new school year. To get off on the right foot with your child’s new teacher, you may want to consider adding a small gift to your shopping list. Here are 8 ideas for a gift that will express your support of your child’s teacher without breaking the bank.

1- Coffee Shop Gift Card

The fastest way to a teacher’s heart is through her coffee cup. Your child’s teacher will be pulling many late nights prepping lessons for the new school year and rising early each morning to greet students, and a complimentary cup of coffee will help her get the day started and keep going.

2- Chocolate

Sometimes a sweet treat is just what you need to power through an afternoon of planning and grading. A bar or box of decadent chocolate will be a very welcome gift at the beginning of a new school year.

3- Candle

A classic gift to help a teacher unwind from the stress of the new school year is a candle. From a festively decorated jar candle to small wax melts that she can burn at her leisure, you have many options that will fit your budget and help her decompress.

4- Sharpies

One of the most beloved teacher supplies is a set of Sharpies. From writing on anchor charts to labeling student items, teachers always need to have a bold permanent marker on hand. You can add a couple of markers to your cart for a few bucks, or splurge on a larger colorful pack to extend her supply.

5- Pens

While this may seem like another basic office item, pens are an incredibly useful and welcome gift for any teacher. Between correcting papers, signing passes for the office, and writing notes to send home, your child’s teacher will be grateful for an additional package of pens to help get her tasks done.

6- Lip Balm

A teacher spends a lot of time talking throughout the day and rarely has time to hydrate well. A luxurious lip balm is a thoughtful essential that will only tack a few extra dollars onto your shopping bill. As an added bonus, the teacher will think fondly of your child each time she pulls it out of her drawer to use it.

7- Hand Sanitizer

Although this may sound like a very impersonal and practical gift, any teacher would be grateful to receive a bottle of hand sanitizer to have on her desk and ready to use. Quick access to this germ-killing gel will help your child’s teacher keep herself and the students as healthy as possible. Choose one with a pleasant scent to really make her day.

8- Hand Lotion

With all of the hand washing and sanitizing that teachers do during the day, dry and cracked hands are a common problem. Any teacher will greatly appreciate a bottle of lotion that she can keep handy in her desk for whenever she needs it. No matter what type of hand lotion you choose, regular use can keep hands looking and feeling their best over time.

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