What to Do if Your Patio is No Longer Functional

Summer is the perfect time of year to get the most use out of your outside space. If your patio is looking a little worse for wear, however, it might simply need a little TLC. If you neglect your patio for a while there are several problems that can develop making it no longer functional. 

Fortunately, with the right care and maintenance you can get it looking as good as new. You may also need to enlist the help of patio restoration services. You can then dress up your patio with new furniture, lighting, and patio covers and turn it into the perfect place to entertain. Here are a few examples of common patio problems and solutions.

Sinking Pavers or Slabs

If you have sinking pavers or slabs, this could be an issue to do with the base preparation. Patio pavers and slabs can also start to sink to a lower position over time. It’s worth having your patio inspected by a professional to help get to the root of the problem. 

The sunken slabs will need to be lifted up and the ground base dug into. The area can then be stabilized with gravel and sand and new slabs properly aligned on top. If you’re not an expert in laying paving, then this is probably a job for the professionals.

Overgrown Weeds

This is one you can take care of yourself. If your patio has become overgrown with weeds, it might be simply a case of digging these out at the root. You can use a basic weeding tool and pull the weeds out, ensuring you get the root as well. Larger roots such as trees can cause damage, however, so it’s important to contact a professional if you’re concerned about these.

Drainage Problems

If you’ve noticed a build-up of stagnant water on your patio, this is not only unsightly, but could even cause problems for the rest of your home. Your patio will likely have drainage problems due to a poor landscaping design. In this case, you’ll need to cut a draining channel to redirect water. It’s better to enlist the help of professional landscapers to ensure minimal water damage.

Leaning Edges

If your patio has a leaning edge then this can be rectified with the installation of a proper edging system. These can be made of plastic, edgestone, or wall block. The important thing is that the edging goes right down to the base as otherwise it won’t sufficiently support the patio.

Dirt and Stains

After clearing your patio of weeds and repairing the foundations, give it a thorough clean with a pressure washer. This will help remove stubborn stains and protect the paving. You can then make final touches to spruce up your patio. Consider getting new patio covers, stylish furniture, and a few accessoires. Make the most of the vertical space with string lighting, lanterns, or hanging baskets.

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