3 Things To Learn About No Parking Signs, Zones, Rules, and Penalties

You cannot park your vehicle wherever you feel like. There are rules to follow defying which could mean severe penalties including imprisonment. When you are driving, it is your responsibility to drive safely and obey all parking or no parking rules according to the laws of America. 

According to an article published in Medium, there are many rules to avoid parking lot mishaps or accidents. You need to look for a parking space that is not close to a building entrance or exit. It ensures that your vehicle is less susceptible to vehicle and pedestrian traffic. It also prevents accidents when you need to turn your vehicle to move out of the parking area. Read on to learn more about these three aspects of no parking zones, signs, rules, as well as regulations. 

1. Places where you cannot park your car

Some standard parking rules apply to the US as a whole. You cannot park your vehicle in some defined zones or areas. When you find a pedestrian crosswalk, you will not be allowed to park within 20 feet of such designated spaces. If you park, other drivers may not see the pedestrians using that crosswalk. 

Again, parking vehicles at all intersections is prohibited because the practice is fatal and illegal. You cannot park your car within 20 feet of any intersection. 

Some of the US states will not let you park your vehicle within 20 feet of any fire station driveway, even on the other side of a street. When a fire truck requires attending a place where a fire broke out, it should leave the station without any obstacles. If you find no parking signs in such places, it is well and good. If not, you must have enough sense not to park close to a fire station driveway. 

2. No parking signs that have no arrows

The sign may include a stretch of yellow or red painted curb. In this context, the painted segment indicates the area where you cannot park your vehicle at any cost. If you find curb markings with no paint, it means that the no parking area extends as long as the curb remains undamaged in either direction. You will need to learn about these traffic rules and signs if you are a responsible citizen and follow safe driving in the US states. 

3. No parking signs with an arrow indicating right and left

An arrow pointing to the right means a no parking area to the right side of the sign and you can park your vehicle before the sign pointing to the left. This sign usually extends as far as the subsequent intersection in the specific direction the arrow points. 

No parking sign pointing to the left means drivers can park their cars to the right of that sign. This sign extends as far as the subsequent interaction in the way the arrow points. 


As a responsible citizen of the country, you need to learn about the no parking signs and safe traffic rules to drive and park your vehicle safely causing no harm or obstruction. 

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