Top 5 Ways to Care for Asphalt in the Summer Heat

With Summer just around the corner, we prepare ourselves for blistering hot days and how to best stay chill as the numbers rise. For most, staying inside is the number one option while others will choose to cool down with a dip in the pool. This is a great way to beat the summer heat. However, the outside open areas don’t have the chance to keep the blistering rays away except when the shade of a bush or tree shade them at just the right angle. One of the things greatly impacted by the summer sun is asphalt. It is the most common type of pavement and makes up the majority of driveways and parking lots. Here are a few tips on how to best keep it from suffering damage from the upcoming summer days.

1) Keep it Clean

When dirt or other foreign contaminants find their way onto asphalt, they can cause mold, mildew and so many other issues that can cause some severe damage to the surface as well as underneath. For example, mold can work its way into the cracks on the surface and cause some growth that will make the asphalt hazardous. By keeping the area clean, you can avoid these problems and extend the longevity of it.

2) Filling in the Cracks

As the most common asphalt issue, cracks can lead to some deep problems if allowed to spread. Beside being a breeding ground for some things, it can also make the surface unsafe to walk or drive on. Repairing these should be a top priority once noticed. Simply can fill them in with more asphalt or hire a professional crew to repair asphalt cracks for you. Just make sure that a sealcoat is added to help keep the problem from reappearing in that area.

3) Watch the Water

With hot days come summer rains and that means a down poor that could lead to water pooling in spots on the asphalt. Now, you may think that this is a good thing as the water will help to cool down the area, but in truth water sitting on top of asphalt can be very detrimental. The water can start eating away as the surface and cause the indents, which can lead to irreparable issues. Make sure that all water is not left sitting or it can make parts of the asphalt sink and sag.

4) Diversity is Everything

A simple way to help avoid issues is to change up where cars are parked on the asphalt while the summer sun is beating down. Asphalt is affected by the heat and changing your location can help keep too much weight from weighing down a single area and causing an indent. If the area involves a place of business, changing up parking spots can keep the surface secure and increase its life span.

5) Getting Some Help

If your asphalt is looking a little droopy or has some cracks that seem as wide as the Grand Canyon, perhaps it is time to call in the professionals. They will have all the necessary knowledge to help rejuvenate the area and, if necessary, repair the damage without having to completely repave it. Do not feel that having to seek help is a bad thing or a sign of being unable to take care of the problems.

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