Most Common Reasons People Call the Plumber

Have you ever tried to find a plumber in the Croydon area? Of course you have! Plumbing problems are commonplace in every home regardless of time of year or type of housing. What are the most common reasons that people decide to call a plumber out in the first place? Let’s look at some of them below.

1. Water Heater and Gas Plumbing

You might think leaking pipes or blocked sinks were at the top, and they are pretty common, but the most common and important reason anyone calls a plumber is because they’re having issues with their water heaters and related gas plumbing. The fact is that just about anyone can have a go at fixing a leaking tap or a clogged sink, but when it comes to the gas plumbing, there’s no one but a licensed plumber who can attend to that. It’s the law.

There’s a good reason for that of course, since tinkering with the gas plumbing can result in far more than just a bit of water damage!

2. Burst Pipes

Another common problem that will get people on the phone to their local plumber is a burst pipe. These situations can be very alarming because of course it means huge quantities of water will be gushing out in quick time, which can do fast and expensive damage to all parts of your home, not to mention create some dangerous situations where water might come into contact with electrical equipment and such.

In these situations, what most people do is quickly locate the house water shut-off valve and turn it to at least stop the flow of water. A plumber can then be called to come and deal with the pipe.

3. Drain and Sewer Pipe Problems

Outdoor drains getting clogged and sewer pipes getting cracked or otherwise damaged is a way to create some pretty messy and smelly situations around the home. Cracked sewer pipes can send waste water back up into your home, for instance via the toilet, sinks, and even into the bathtub taps! That in itself has pretty serious health implications, besides the obvious unpleasantness.

Plumbers are called up to come and use their specialist equipment like high-tech cameras that can investigate pipes and drains to quickly locate damage so the plumber can know where to effect repairs.

4. Blocked Sinks and Toilets

A household sink getting clogged up is one of those things that we never think will happen to us until it does. When it does happen, it’s the moment we realise just how much we take for granted having working plumbing so we can do the dishes, wash our hands and face, and brush our teeth every day. Blocking off even just a single sink can create havoc in a household.

A clogged or otherwise broken toilet presents even more of a dilemma, of course. At least if the bathroom sink is clogged up, you can still wash your face and hands in the kitchen sink, and you can still shower. If the toilet is clogged and you don’t have a second one, what will you do? Most people can unclog their toilets with plungers, but sometimes the more specialist gear of a plumber is required.

5. Water Leaks

Finally, not every problematic pipe is a burst one. Any part of the household plumbing at any time might exhibit signs of leaking like those flanged expansion bellows. Most common are leaks from the kitchen and bathroom taps. Most often it’s because of problems like broken washers or other loose fittings. Mind you, it’s only “simple” if you know your stuff, which thankfully a plumber does.

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