How to Recognize Your IT Department Needs Help

When we recently interviewed IT managers, they explained that their departments were understaffed and overworked. So we asked them what one thing would improve their work lives if it happened? Their unanimous answer: “More people.” But this isn’t a department you want to staff up with just anyone. An experienced eye can help ensure your new hires are an asset rather than a drain.

Here are some warning signs that your department is in need of help, even though you can’t afford to hire anyone at the moment:

1. You’re having trouble keeping up with the workload because employees work longer hours or neglect their families or personal time.  

2. You have no reliable staff to cover the night shift.

3. People don’t even have time to take their lunch breaks anymore.

4. One person is doing the work of three or more people because all of your employees are overloaded with projects and there aren’t enough hours in the day for them to complete their tasks.  

5. Your IT department’s budget has been cut so deeply, you can’t afford to replace your aging equipment.

6. Server downtime is costing the company money because employees are unable to properly do their jobs without access to servers and other crucial hardware.  

7. Employees who previously volunteered for overtime, now don’t even want it because they no longer feel like working extra hours or on the weekends.

8. Employees are retiring or quitting because they’re overworked and underpaid.

If your department is suffering from any of the above issues, you need parter with an IT company that you can hand over all your IT worries to.

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