Marijuana Seeds and Cannabis in Europe: Here is What the Law Says

Everything you need to know about the possession, purchase and cultivation of cannabis seeds and good quality auto flower cannabis seeds in Europe, the issue of cannabis liberalisation has been the subject of heated debate and continuous confrontation between supporters and opponents for many years.

Recently, the legislation has registered some interesting news for cannabis enthusiasts, so much so that more and more enthusiasts are buying better autoflowering seeds online from many specialised shops.

However, in addition to the doubts about the inflorescences and derivatives of hemp and cannabis, there are glaring contradictions in using seeds.

Let’s see what the laws of our country say about the marketing and cultivation of marijuana seeds.

Hemp and cannabis seeds in Europe: here is what the law says

Hemp and cannabis laws in Ireland and Europe: here some explanation of what changes between plants and seeds.

Before talking about seeds, we need to clarify one aspect of the law in Ireland and Europe that is not compromised: the illegality of the drugs.

Cannabis is considered as such; therefore, it is forbidden by law to grow, sell, buy, possess and take it.

Obviously, this principle only applies to traditional cannabis. That is cannabis with a high THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content, the active ingredient responsible for the psychotropic effects of marijuana, hashish and other derivatives.

However, there are varieties of hemp and cannabis with very low THC content whose inflorescences and resins are entirely free of the fantastic effects.

To be precise, light hemp and cannabis – called CBD cannabis due to the apparent predominance of the non-psychotropic active ingredient – must contain less than 0.2% THC. Therefore, this variety of cannabis, concerning the law, is cultivable, and its derivatives are legally tradable.

Indeed, the cultivation of hemp and light cannabis is intended for various sectors, such as cosmetics, food, biochemicals and harvesting. Moreover, for the record, it is fair to point out how many scientists are interested in the alleged beneficial properties of cannabidiol (CBD).

Concerning the seeds, however, are there any limits? Is it legal to buy, sell and grow them? Here’s what the laws say about it.

Marijuana seeds: can they be legally grown and marketed?

Unlike plants, cannabis seeds do not contain tetrahydrocannabinol, and, as stated in the Narcotics Consolidation Act of Presidential Decree 309 of 1990, they are not included in the list of narcotic substances.

Therefore, their marketing in Europe is entirely legal.

You can buy cannabis seeds in online shops specialising in the sale of collectable cannabis seeds. Their purchase is allowed for collection and uses in other areas, such as food.

However, even though hemp and cannabis seeds do not contain traces of THC, their cultivation is prohibited. This may seem contradictory, but there is an explanation for this ban.

Seed germination does not guarantee the birth of cannabis plants whose inflorescences do not have a percentage of tetrahydrocannabinol below the legal limits.

Therefore, seed germination exposes those who decide to grow a seedling to serious legal risks. The only seeds that can be grown, subject to regular authorisation, are those from certified legal cannabis plants. A European Union list establishes what these varieties are.

Therefore, the discussion on cultivation could be more precise, so it is advisable to refrain from germinating seeds and limit yourself to buying them for collection purposes.

What kind of cannabis seeds can you buy?

Among cannabis enthusiasts, it is not uncommon to find people who are interested in collecting. Indeed, there are wide different varieties of inflorescences and different types of seeds. So let’s see which seeds are most commonly sold for this purpose.

Hemp and cannabis seeds are mainly divided into three types:

  • feminised seeds
  • autoflowering seeds
  • fast-flowering seeds

The first type, if germinated, has an almost 100% chance of producing a feminised plant and has a unique feature: it produces plants that can flower seasonally. Therefore, the amount of light they have exposed to plays a crucial role in the flowering of the plants born from these seeds.

Autoflowering seeds, on the other hand, produce hemp and cannabis plants that can flower 13 weeks after germination, regardless of light exposure.

Then there are the fast-flowering seeds, so-called because of the ability of the plants born after germination to generate flowers in only 7 weeks.

Cannabis in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, it is illegal, but it is decriminalised for personal consumption and in licensed premises. The reality is that personal consumption of less than 5g and the sale of small amounts in cafés are generally not investigated. However, neither can it be said that they are allowed and that a blind eye is usually turned.

Cultivation is a crime, but up to five plants are tolerated for personal use, with limitations on the electrical equipment used. On the other hand, the prescription of medical cannabis is allowed, and any doctor can prescribe marijuana.

In recent years, the government has implemented a campaign against “marijuana tourism”, and in some areas, the sale of marijuana is only allowed in cafes, only to residents. As a result, tourists now often resort to street camels, so they now have two problems.

Remember, however, that in Ireland and most of Europe, the cultivation of cannabis is prohibited. However, it is still perfectly legal to order marijuana seeds online at and collect them without breaking the law.

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