Which AWS Certification Should You Choose?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. Its purpose is to offer a suitable platform for cloud computing to several large corporations and companies. Cloud Computing has grown above from its image of being a fancy commodity to a necessity today. And according to the general data available in the public domain, AWS alone retains about 60% of the public cloud market. This is a huge reason you should own AWS certification as it enhances your skills and makes you aware of the latest technological needs of the industry.

Once you have decided to participate in an AWS certification program, the next question is which among all suits you the best? Given below, we have tried to cover all the aspects regarding various kinds of AWS certification courses to help you get a clear picture.

AWS certifications are broadly classified into three categories-

  1. Foundational Certification
  2. Associate Certifications
  3. Professional Certifications
  4. Specialty Certifications
  • Foundational Certification:

As the name suggests, it is a basic level certification specifically designed for people who know nothing or very little about cloud computing. For the successful completion of this level certification, you must be well versed in the basic concepts and fundamentals of AWS. You must be aware of the elementary working pattern of this industry. Just the basic knowledge is enough to pass this examination. 

  • Associate Certification:

This is the next level of your AWS certification journey. This stage of certification requires practical knowledge about the industry’s stipulations. You should have the hands-on working experience to cross this level. This is indeed an important stage as it covers most of the essential information regarding AWS services. If you have associate certification with you, it directly impacts recruiters’ minds that you possess a decent level of knowledge and don’t have to work very hard in training you. 

  • Professional Certification:

If you aim for the positions like DevOps Engineer or Solutions Architect, you must undertake the AWS Professional certification program. However, this level is comparatively tougher than the previous ones as it requires you an ample amount of experience and technical skills in a candidate to pass this exam successfully. You should have at least two years of experience in skills like operating, designing, and troubleshooting solutions. In short, you must know how to handle AWS Cloud properly. Professional certifications are very prestigious and hence tough to crack. But once you ace it, it will benefit you a lot in your career.

  • Specialty Certifications:

This stage works like a feather in your hat. However, it is not essential to work wonders if you own this certification. It is designed for people who wish to gain additional skills in this industry. This gives you the status of a specialized professional. In this, you will be given options to gain specialty in some particular arena. And it would help if you were an expert in that specialty to gain this AWS specialty certification program successfully.


Gaining AWS certification is very important to give a loud kick start to your cloud computing career. You should think about how and which level of the certification will benefit you the most in not just the present scenario but nine to ten years down the line. Then you will be able to make a sound decision. Good Luck with your AWS certification trip!

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