How To Add Patches To Your Clothing

There are several reasons to make you want to patch your clothes. Patches can be great for cool designs on your clothes. They can also be ideal for covering some holes in your clothes, especially for the kids. Some people can patch clothes for branding ideas when marketing their products. It is great to learn some guidelines on the best way to add some patches to your fabric to repair clothes effectively. Below are several of the ways on how you can add patches to your clothes.

    Sew-on patches

There are two ways to sew patches to your clothing. It will include hand sewing or machine sewing technique. You will need a sewing thread, needle to attach your patches to the desired fabric in either case. Once you identify the correct space and patches to use, you can use a flat surface to complete your work. One of the best things about sewing is the chance to use different threads for unique designs. The other thing is you can use different shapes to patch your clothing.

    Applique patches

When looking for a unique method to add patches to your fabric, the applique option is good. Here, you will use a sewing or embroidery machine to put the patches directly into your clothes. This one gives you more chances to use various designs on the expected fabrics. It is significant to learn how to use your embroidery or even sewing machine when considering this method.

    Beaded patches

Beaded patches are excellent when designing your fabrics from home. On this one, you must choose beads to match the desired designs. You can buy your beads from local stores or make some on your own. With the beads, it is advisable to use different beads for a perfect look. One should also put the beads on the needle and use them to patch the available space.

    Iron on patches

The following fantastic method to add patches is by using the iron-on patch process. You will have to use special patches to heat on top of your fabric. Since the patches have a sticky back, it is easy for them to remain on your materials for long. It is necessary to play with different sizes and shapes, to have a great result. Make sure the patches are big enough to cover the intended hole. After this, you can press your iron for some time for the patches to be firm.

    Embroidered patches with glue

The other beautiful designs to think about will involve some glue. With the embroidered patches with glue, one has to find a flat surface to place the fabric. The main point is to know the right glue suitable for your material. Once you do this, apply your glue on the patch and the assumed area of your fabric. From here, you should press the two together and let them rest for some time. It is not advisable to wear your clothing immediately, for it needs more time for the glue to stick.

Final thoughts

With the said methods, it is time to add a touch of style to your clothing. It is now easy to use all kinds of materials for embroidered patches such as caps and head wears. Just go for something unique to compliment your clothes, and all will be well.

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