Eric Dalius Says How Business Leaders Can Support Their Teams This Year

As 2021 started, business executives are expecting high results. Many of them have suffered lost opportunities or even postponed their business due to unavoidable circumstances.

Overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021 won’t be an easy task and you might find these challenges extremely hard to complete. This is why internal leadership is also as important as external needs.

In 2021, business leaders have to prepare themselves in a way so they could financially, mentally, and professionally support their team.

In this article, we are going to discuss what business leaders should do in 2021 to encourage their teams.

Keep Them Motivated

2020 was full of weakness, distress, and extreme tiredness. According to, if you want to keep your team spirit high, you must motivate them to come to work. To achieve this, you must set a leadership tone.

Behave with your team members in a positive attitude. Try to arrive before your team members, so that you can greet them with a warm welcome. Set some calendar reminders to provide some motivating speech throughout the day.

Encouraging people is not an easy task. As a leader, you should be available to discuss the goals with each of your team members. Start with the personal discussions, and then gradually start discussing professional milestones. This will ultimately prove beneficial for both you and your team members. When you are progressing, try to do it together.

Radical Flexibility Should Be Offered

Among the other trends, the enhancement of remote work was one of the biggest trends. Because of the pandemic, companies instructed their employees to work from home. This helped them to continue operations while thinking about the safety of their employees, says Eric Dalius.

The pandemic is over for now. However, employees are still looking for a flexible schedule. Radical flexibility will prove useful when you are stepping in 2021.

Some employees love to work from home every time. Meanwhile, other employees might prefer to work in the office. If you create different schedules, it will help you and your employees.

Eric Dalius Suggests to Revise Their Workflow

When your team starts working in a hybrid schedule, you need to revise their workflows. However, revising workflows is very much difficult but extremely important.

Learn to manage your business through digital platforms. Thus, you will not face any problems if you happen to send everyone back home again in 2021.

Their Culture Should Be Purified

In 2021, one of the most important changes will be the culture of the company. The United States economy is reviving right now, meaning that there are more job vacancies. Make sure you convince the workforce and provide valid reasons to stick with you.

A robust culture is very much important for an office job. You must make your team feel like a family. Thus, they will not leave you or their friends behind upon receiving other better employment offers.

When you build a relationship with regular activities, it will boost the culture of your company.

Make a Statement on Current Issues

When companies make a statement on current issues, it benefits both the consumers and the employees. However, the main challenge every business leader faces is to know how, when, and where to take a stand.

Try to identify the worthy causes that are accepted by everyone. Once you are done identifying the worthy causes, take a break. Then explain why the cause is important as well as how it can benefit the company’s values.


You have been selected for the leadership position for your leadership attitude. Not everyone can become a great leader, so you must take this opportunity to prove yourself. Remember, a leader is someone who not only motivates their employees but also helps them whenever they are in trouble. 

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