Avoid These Pruning Mistakes for Better Tree Health

It is common to come across very absurd tree shapes. Some will show you an empty center with leaves all around, some conditions that look like a coat rack and the like. It is nothing but the result of lousy pruning practices. It has severe implications on the shape and appearance of the tree. All it does is damages and disfigures the tree and kills it in the long run. To prevent these mistakes, you will have to take the help of professionals. 

Apart from this, if you are interested in DIY tricks, you can also develop your pruning skills, but expert opinion is advisable. You will have to abstain from pruning mistakes, and that is all that is essential. Even an untrained pruner may develop these skills with time. All you need to have is consistency and efficiency. You can find more info on the digital forum. 

Bad cuts

People are aware of the concept of bad cuts, but they do not know what exactly it means in terms of trees. Stub cuts, flush cuts, and heading cuts are the categories within this. The first category leaves behind a branch stub that does not allow your plant to seal the disease. If you keep the tree in this condition, it will only become worse. Flush cuts remove the color of the branch. The enlarged slide area on the base of the unit will prevent the plant from recovering.

On the other hand, heading cuts are random cuts on any point. It leaves your tree open to diseases and pests. Hence, it stimulates the plant, and it becomes weak in terms of those branches and areas.

Try topping the tree

Another mistake when it comes to pruning trees is topping them. It can be your worst nightmare if you commit it. However, the practice is continuing, and people do not take care of its adverse effects. If you cut the tree’s main trunk or the ledger branch, it will severely affect the tree’s health. It not only cuts down the height but also the overall impression is severely affected. The branch or trunk ledger is a critical part of the tree. If you make any modifications to it, it will hamper its appearance. Moreover, it will develop lateral branches that become weak with time and be prone to diseases.

Large branch pruning

When you are pruning the tree, try to abstain from large branches. Branches that have a diameter of three to four inches come within this category. You cannot seal your tree as it will develop diseases. Depending on the structure and crown of the tree, it is better to stay away from pruning the large branches. You will have to take care of the safety, liability, and damage if you want to enhance the overall appeal of your tree. Use the correct equipment and take the help of trained individuals. Remember that liability and damage insurance are available. You can grab an expert opinion if you want to remedy the situation.  

Lastly, you will have to take care of the tree crown. Pruning the tree without paying attention to the crown will not lead you anywhere. 

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