4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Home’s Roof

It’s best to replace your home’s roof as soon as you notice major signs of wear. Regularly checking your roof for damage and replacing it quickly can save you a lot of money and stress in the long run. Here are four things that indicate you need a new roof as soon as possible.

1. Rain Slots

If your roof is made of asphalt or fiberglass shingles, be sure to take a look at the notches (also called rain slots) between each tab. If the rain slots appear wider than that of new shingles, are rounded at the corners, warped, dented, cracked, or damaged on the surface, it’s best to get the roof inspected to determine how much longer these materials can realistically last.

2. Leaking

If your roof is leaking, this is often a surefire sign that it needs replaced as soon as possible. If you notice water leaking into your home or have tried to repair a leak to no avail, it’s time to consult with a professional to determine what that cause is. Ignoring roof leaks or repairing them improperly can lead to significant damage elsewhere in your home.

3. Significant Wear on Roofing Materials

Another key indicator that your roof has reached the end of its rope is if you start noticing a lot of wear on the materials it was constructed from. If you have a shingled roof, this may mean that you start to notice a lot of shingle grit in your gutters. As shingles age, they start to shed more grit, so you should start noticing signs of that near your roof. In addition, if you are able to see the asphalt layer of the roof through the grit coating, your roof is probably in need of replacement. If you have a metal roof, noticing any rust, loose panels, or other damage can be cause for concern. For a roof made of tile or wooden shingles, a replacement is probably necessary when you start to notice damaged or loose shingles. A professional should be able to inspect the materials your roof was constructed out of and determine how long you have before you need to do a full replacement.

4. Weather Related Damage

Sometimes, a roof does not reach its full lifespan before a natural disaster causes it severe damage. Weather can wreak havoc on your roof if the storm was very strong, the roof wasn’t installed properly, or if low quality materials were used to construct it. The good news is repairs or a replacement may be covered under a warranty if weather was the cause of your roof damage. Be sure to check with your insurance provider for more information about your coverage. If strong storms are common where you live, it’s a good idea to ensure your roof has been installed to withstand these storms and you have the coverage necessary to cover repairs necessary after weather damage.
If you suspect your roof might need to be replaced soon, it’s best to begin by consulting with a contractor. They’ll be able to assess the state your roof is in and provide a professional recommendation. If you do determine you need to replace it, consult with a professional roofing company to learn more about the replacement process and decide what materials you want to use to construct your new roof.

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