Uses of Industrial Tents from Smart-Space UK

Smart-Space UK offers relocatable temporary buildings such as industrial tents. These temporary facilities come with PVC textile roofs and are easy to rent or buy. The roof ensures that the building is resistant to harsh conditions. Install an industrial tent seamlessly anywhere without having to prepare a base — you will save money when you have an emergency need for space.

Are you looking for the best industrial tent for sale? Well, consider choosing Smart-Space; it’s the leading temporary building company in the UK.

What are the benefits of industrial tents from Smart-Space?

·  Relocatable tent structures can be moved around from one site to another

·  They come in a variety of sizes for people to rent. Smart-Space offers customers the most flexible hire and purchase deals on industrial tents in the UK.

·  Rent, purchase outright or hire and purchase later. Temporary industrial tents are ideal when you have a temporary need for building space for 3 months to 3 years.

·  Tents eliminate the need for footings or foundations. Install them right away with ease and save money.

·  Secure them to any kind of ground surface by using bolts or spikes. Industrial tents are fast to erect and dismantle. Why not find out more from Smart-Space?

·  Shrink or expand the size of the facility anytime your demand for temporary space changes.

4 industries that use large industrial tents from Smart-Space

Industrial tents are usually huge, and they are designed to handle items that would require a real permanent building. The good news is that these tents actually work better than real buildings. Here are the top 4 industries that utilize industrial tents from Smart-Space.

·  Disaster management companies

Natural disasters may cause extensive damage to property and force people from their homes. Large industrial tents can come in handy when people fall victim to disasters such as earthquakes, severe storms, and floods.

Disaster relief organizations usually don’t have time to put up real buildings for victims. Emergency situations such as disasters need emergency solutions in the form of industrial tents.

These can be set up almost instantly to provide shelter for hundreds of people. They can also serve as temporary offices or headquarters for disaster management responders.

·  Construction

A lot of construction workers cannot do without industrial tents as they work outside every day. Being subjected to harsh outdoor conditions can impact workers’ health and destroy machines. Installing large industrial tents will ensure that every worker is protected from harsh environmental conditions.

Keep everyone warm, and shield your workforce from strong winds. Weather is one key factor that often causes delays in construction projects.

So, why not install tents and steer clear of inclement weather and work 24/7? Industrial tents can greatly improve your security and that of your construction tools and equipment.

·  Sports

The sports industry also benefits from industrial-grade tents. Many colleges set up these structures and use them as indoor tennis courts, basketball courts, hockey rinks or skate parks.

Tents serve important functions, but they are far more flexible than a permanent building — which means there is always room for future expansion.

In terms of costs, industrial tents are much cheaper to install than building a sports complex. The equestrian community is another sports institution that finds tents very useful. Industrial tents can be used as spectator areas or riding areas for horse-riding competitions.

·  Farming and Gardening

Farmers and gardeners also use tents in a variety of settings due to their versatility. For example, large industrial tents can serve as greenhouses for growing vegetables, flowers, and other plants all year long.

You can set up tents as shelters for farm animals. Farmers can save money rearing animals in tents and maintaining perfect growing conditions for different kinds of crops.

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