3 Savvy Ways Managers Can Motivate a Sales Team

The sales team is the backbone of your company. They are the ones who close deals, get new customers and keep your business running smoothly. Salespeople can be challenging to manage at times because they are usually very independent and self-motivated, and they tend to be self-starters who only need a little direction. However, there are some things you can do as a manager that will help increase their productivity and performance.

1. Set Clear Goals

Managers are responsible for the health of their teams. If a team isn’t producing at the level it should, the manager must look for ways to get motivated. One of the most effective ways to motivate the sales team is by setting clear and precise goals for each member. Not only does this help determine if each person is performing up to par, but it also allows you to train them in how to reach those goals. With goals, it is clear what each person is supposed to be doing and how they’re supposed to do it. Sales goals should be set on different levels. First, there should be individual goals, which track what an individual is supposed to do daily. Second, team goals keep track of the total sales volume for some time (week, month). Finally, there are corporate goals that keep track of corporate profits and losses over some time (month).

2. Use a Sales Performance System

Clear numbers measure a salesperson’s performance: the number of sales made and the amount of revenue generated. These metrics can be captured using a sales performance management system, which includes several components. There are many systems, so choosing one that fits your company’s needs is best. A good system will have features that make it easy for your sales force to use and for you to review. Make sure to consider the total cost of ownership when making your selection, and keep in mind that software isn’t the only way to go. An effective system can be built using spreadsheets or other internal tools, or you might contract with a third party to build custom software. The important thing is that salespeople understand what the system is measuring and why they’re being measured that way.

3. Celebrate Wins

It’s no secret that being recognized is one of the main ways to feel motivated in a job. In fact, most people would say they do their best work when they feel appreciated and valued. In sports, such recognition can come from a coach, but managers are responsible for recognizing their employees’ accomplishments in the business world. The best way to recognize a team member’s hard work is to celebrate wins for the whole team. These wins can be small or large but should always be meaningful to the recipient. When everyone on the team gets together for an informal meeting (or even something as simple as an email to everyone) to recognize a win, it not only boosts that person’s morale and motivation but also fosters a feeling of camaraderie among the team members. As a manager, you also foster positive relationships with your team by taking time out of your busy schedule to congratulate them.

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