These are the biggest web hosting companies right now

Choosing the correct web hosting provider for your online presence is vital for your business. However with the vast amount of options available to us it is often difficult to know which one to pick. This article will discuss the top 5 web hosting providers, and how to pick the one that is right for you.

The web hosting  industry worldwide

The global web hosting services market size was estimated at USD 56.7 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 62.6 billion in 2020. The top 5 web hosting providers in the market are as follows. 

  1. GoDaddy Group: They have 6.3% of the current market share. Their performance has consistently pleased users and their package offers a significant amount of web storage. However, it lacks SSL certificates and staging areas.  
  2. Amazon: they own 5.9% of the market share.  Amazon has web hosting options that offer pay-as-you-go pricing or fixed monthly pricing.
  3. Endurance Group: They have 4.9% of the market share, they provide small business owners with the tools they need to establish and build their web presence, get found in online search, and connect with customers.
  4. Google: The company dominates 4.3%of market shares. Google Cloud Web Hosting provides services and infrastructure to users. The hosting services help to develop, store and deploy globally available websites and web apps in the cloud.
  5. OVH: This is a cloud-based server and has 4.0% of market shares. They claim to help you step by step in choosing a web hosting plan, and boost your online presence

Adriaan Brits, the CEO of Sitetrail Media says “We invested in the kind of independent research and systems that can dynamically generate up to date web hosting reviews, so that consumers can access up to date reviews to see which are the best hosting providers around the world for their needs. One thing is certain, consumers are unlikely to stand for the sub-par load speeds and security issues associated with providers like Godaddy, they are out there – evaluating reliable options”. 

Read Web Hosting Reviews

Researching a web hosting company customer reviews is a useful way to discover any consistent issues or persistent complaints from current or past users. It is also important to pay attention to how the company responds to complaints. This will give you an idea of how the company deals with unhappy customers. This will give you a good indication of the level of their customer support.

Be sure to test each feature of the hosting package and read the reviews before you purchase their services to see if they meet the needs of your company. When business owners, such as Dermani medspa, take their time to select a web hosting company that is reliable and suits their needs, they ensure their website remains accessible and safe at all times. 

Blindly choosing a web host, based on something like pricing alone, can produce disastrous results. A hosting provider that is unreliable can result in security breaches and data loss. Websites that have long downtimes also regularly see a drop in their search rankings. If your website is down it can have a negative effect on your website’s search rankings, and potentially cost you, customers.

Feature comparison 

It’s always important to do a thorough feature comparison of all the top hosting services to find the web host that is right for you. Every business has individual needs, so make sure you are clear on exactly what you want your host to provide for you. Once you have a list of your top priorities you can easily see which hosts perform strongly in those specific categories. Don’t just follow what everyone else is doing, an eCommerce website will need a vastly different host to a website that offers an online learning platform. Companies like Wix are making inroads with good basic features, but imposing limitations on yourself by making an “easy pick” is something to consider before using such web builders instead of WordPress. 

Knowing exactly what it is you want from your web host is the first step in the right direction. Don’t be afraid of spending a few weeks researching your options, choosing the right host will save you a lot of money in the long run.

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