The UK’s Top 5 Most Popular Saloon Cars

Saloons are a popular car for the wealthy, but they aren’t as desired as they once were. These long sedans have become more commonplace and less deified, but the saloons that are available now are still making waves with those who love these particular models. Saloons make up a massive portion of the new car market. This is probably because these cars are seen as business cars, some having the latest technologies. The following are the most popular saloons in the United Kingdom. 

5. Audi A3 Saloon

The Audi A3 is small but very well put together. This saloon has low running costs and a luxurious interior. It has the style of a larger saloon, with a powerful engine. You have the option to choose between petrol and diesel. Despite having less room in the back than a saloon like the BMW 3 Series, this Audi model is very affordable for the person who wants a saloon but doesn’t want to pay for one of the pricier models. 

4. Jaguar XE

Another saloon that is smaller than the BMW models is the Jaguar XE. This model from Jaguar has a sophisticated interior that is as classy as it is well-designed. Coming in 12 different colors, the XE can be customized to make it the car of your dreams. It also has a dynamic body, featuring a front sport bumper, a rear valance that is the same color as the body, and side skirts that are protective and elegant. It expresses the personality of the car while making it quite functional. Continuing with the theme of customization, the XR has a variety of 7 wheels to choose from ranging from 18 to 20”.

3. Alfa Romeo Giulia

Coming in third is the Giulia by Alfa Romeo. This Italian car company has loyal followers, it is no surprise that it is one of the most popular saloons in the UK. The sporty model is fast and sleek. It has been redesigned for the New Year, the 2020 model has a new interior and additional tech. It takes the convenience features to new levels. There is an 8.8 inch touchscreen that includes 3-D navigation and a customizable layout. It even has wireless charging for your smart phone. Responding to the EU mandate of speed limiting technology, the Giulia has autonomous features that help make the driver feel secure and confident in their new car according to MoneyPug, a site used to find car finance deals. 

2. BMW M5

BMW makes some of the best saloons out there. The second most popular saloon vehicle is the M5. People love it for its high performance, roomy interior, and stunning body design. They have track-tuned character and innovation inspired by racing. The M5 comes with TwinPower Turbo engine that delivers 600 horsepower. This V-8 is unstoppable, harnessing output and intensity to make it an unbelievably fun car to drive. It has quick shifting, converting power to speed with the 8-speed M Steptronic automatic transmission. It has Drivelogic complete with paddle shifters. Most people who get to drive an M5 never go back.

1. BMW 3 Series

Coming in at number one is the BMW 3 Series. This car is loved by car professionals and business people. This car has it all. Not only does this car have a wide range of abilities, it performs very well. While the interior may not be as luxurious as some of the Mercedes or Jaguar models, it is arguably more functional. It has an entertainment and information system that comes fitted with navigation. This diesel is actually quite efficient, but you can also upgrade to the eight-speed automatic. Overall this is a great car to drive. It is accessible, which is probably why it is the most popular saloon in the UK.

Whoever you are, if you can afford a new saloon you have plenty of options to choose from. If you are in business, a lot of these models are preferred. If it is performance you are looking for, you can’t get much better than the BMWs on the list of the most popular saloons. These may not be the most expensive cars in the world, but they are some of the most reliable.

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