Fake Tan Hack for Those Summer Bridesmaids

Summer’s rolling around, and that means that bridesmaids are likely to find themselves looking for rapid tanning to jump into those weddings with both feet. Unfortunately, there’s a persistent problem that anyone who uses a fake tan spray can attest to – smudging. Fake tan doesn’t adhere to skin the same way that a natural tan does. Because it comes from a bottle, the interaction skin only sets when something else is added to it. As a result, in some regions of a person’s body, the armpits, for example, there is a chance that the fake tan will smudge and show up on one’s clothes. While this might not be an issue for a bathing suit, it could be mortifying to have the same situation arise when you’re getting dressed as a bridesmaid.

Talcum Powder For Setting

Many people who use spray tan have found a workaround for having it shed into dresses at inopportune times. Sweat is the critical factor in causing a spray tan to lose its hold on a person’s skin, but there’s a problem to work around. Is it safe to apply baby powder to a spray tan before it sets? As Good Looking Tan notes, while you shouldn’t do this with other products, it’s not such a big deal when it comes to baby powder. The baby powder allows the spray tan to set and stops the sweat from forming so that it doesn’t cause the tan to leave the skin. Using a makeup brush to apply the baby powder is the best application method, but it does take some time. Unfortunately, many people who are using spray tan are trying to avoid investing time into their tans. So, what’s the solution.

Dry Shampoo To The Rescue

According to The Sun, a TikTok star named Jess Sheppard has found a way around the issues of shedding spray tan, and it isn’t baby powder. The TikTok noted that she was doing something that many people would never have thought to do, in applying dry shampoo to spray tan to keep it stuck to the skin. In areas like the armpits, it’s relatively quick and easy to apply and ensures that you keep the color on your skin. What’s more, it’s unlikely that you’ll have any sweat-patch marks on your clothes either. Nothing is worse than ruining a perfectly good dress with a spray tan since it sets on the dress and doesn’t come off, even after a few washes.

The Solution Is Already in Your House

Dry shampoo is something we all have hidden away in our drawers for emergencies. It turns out it’s a lot more useful than you’d first think. A spray tan is a quick fix for you if you need to be out in the sun and don’t have the time for a proper tan. However, keeping it on your skin, especially in those sweaty areas, can be a lot of hassle. Luckily, you know the secret to dry shampoo as a helper. Hopefully, that means you’ll ruin fewer dresses and go about with the confidence of someone who knows that their spray tan is going to stay put.

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