Eight Care Tips For Taking Care Of A New Tattoo

Getting a tattoo can be an exciting and rewarding experience. This form of body art enables

recipients to express depictions of their likes, personal beliefs, and emotions on their arms, legs, stomachs, or any other preferred bodily region.

That said, the application process requires slight cutting into and the application of paint and other chemicals to the body’s skin. Therefore, one needs to properly care for new tattoos or face potentially significant hazards. Fortunately, body art can be maintained through efforts like:

Ensuring The Freshly Applied Tattoo Is Bandaged

Though tattoos are often beautiful and expressive, one must remember that they are also minor flesh wounds requiring proper healing and all necessary protections during the remediation process.

Ergo, reputable tattoo artists will adequately bandage the newly applied artwork before the recipient leaves their parlor. Such action will offer safe harbor from possible hazards like dirt, dust, and other airborne particles.

Remove Bandage After 24 Hours

One full day after the job is complete, the new holder is urged to carefully remove bandages. This endeavor should be executed deliberately and with caution. If performed too quickly, one might experience a moderate to severe degree of pain.

Clean The Tattoo Often

Once the initial drying phase is complete, the bearer is implored to routinely clean the tattoo and surrounding skin. This task should be undertaken using an antimicrobial soap. Moreover, cleansed areas should be dried promptly. Lingering wetness could serve as a breeding ground for potentially dangerous complications like infections.

Apply Moisturizer

Tattoo experts and skincare professionals caution recipients maintain that tattoos should never become excessively dry. Said occurrence could damage the design, in addition to the holder’s skin.

Fortunately, this problem can be circumvented through the frequent application of skin moisturizing products. Said efforts should be repeated several times per day until complete healing has taken place. Usually, this process lasts anywhere from four to six weeks.

Limit Body Temperature-Elevating Activities

Actions capable of raising body temperature should be limited or avoided. Strenuous efforts place added stress on the body. Such strain could precipitate inflammation, which could foul the tattoo and leave the recipient more susceptible to unwanted occurrences like infections.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

A prominent North Carolina tattoo artist cautions prospective recipients to avoid direct sunlight until the design firmly heals. The sun’s rays often prove detrimental in certain notable ways.

First, the radiating heat is known to cause fading. Fading could manifest in designs quickly losing their color. In other more serious instances, fading could precipitate distortion and permanent damage. Additionally, heat exposure could precipitate perspiration and unwarranted, infection-causing moisture.

Recipients are also urged to apply powerful sunscreen to tattoos even after the initial healing has been completed.

Refrain From Swimming

New tattoo bearers are urged to avoid swimming during the healing period. Swimming exposes the design to excessive water content and potential infection threats like bacteria and other infection-causing organisms.

Watch Out For Abnormalities

Tattoo industry professionals and healthcare providers maintain that a slight degree of itching and scabbing around the impacted skin following installation is normal. However, untoward signs, such as increased redness, swelling, intense itching, significant pain, the presence of pus or oozing, chills, and fever could suggest an infection’s presence.

Those experiencing any of these symptoms are implored to consult with a medical professional immediately.

Contacting Us

Adhering to the preceding safeguards should keep a tattoo recipient healthy and their design visually-appealing for many years. Arguably, however, the most crucial factor rests on ensuring installation is performed by a reputable, professional tattoo artist who executes excellent work and abides by all necessary safety guidelines.

The Charlotte, North Carolina-based Living Proof Tattoo, owned by proprietor Conan McParland is such an operation. The company’s mottoes are a tattoo artist is only as good as their last design and all clients should be treated like family members.

For additional information, please drop by https://livingprooftattoo.com/.

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