7 Unique Ways to Tailor a Funeral to Honor Your Loved One

Most people are not prepared to plan and carry out a funeral for a loved one. Having a unique and personalized funeral not only honors the life and memory of your loved one but also helps your friends and family begin the healing process of mourning after a death.

Every life is a story worth telling. The right funeral home you will get all the help needed to celebrate a life well lived in the best and meaningful way possible. A loving, comfortable, and beautiful environment is also provided where you get to say goodbye to your loved one with all the dignity and respect deserved.

There are many ways to plan a funeral to honor your loved one. During this challenging time, hiring licensed funeral professionals will help you and your family get the required legal documentation and help you plan a unique funeral service that fits your needs and preferences.

It is essential to reflect on the outstanding and unique traits of the deceased when preparing a funeral service to create a lasting and beautiful memory of your loved one.

Here are seven unique ways to tailor a funeral:

1.    Meaningful floral display and arrangements

It is good to display the deceased’s favorite flowers in different shapes and colors. You can also choose from a range of floral tributes to spell out a word or the name of your loved one.

2.    Different types of transport

Funeral homes will provide the necessary means of transport according to your preferences. Choose different and unique hearses for a fitting final journey to reflect your loved ones’ life and personality. You can also hire other executive cars for those attending the funeral.

3.    Funeral stationery

Funeral stationery includes funeral brochures, memorial cards, eulogy, funeral invitation cards, and books of condolences. For instance, in the eulogy, you can include your loved one’s last words.

4.    Unique and personalized coffins

Consider your loved ones’ favorite sport, hobby, or even a picture when choosing a personalized and unique coffin. There are different types of caskets, depending on whether it’s for direct burial or cremation. After cremation, decorative urns can be used to keep the ashes at home.

5.    Music and visuals

Music can help to reflect and commemorate a person’s life. If your loved one had a favorite song, you could even get a live musician to play the song. Music is used to reflect on the person’s hobby and interests.

You can use the best videos and photographs of the deceased within the funeral service. You can also do the visual presentation through a slideshow with a piece of appropriate background music.

6.    Memorial service

After cremation or burial, there are various ways to keep your loved ones’ memory alive. According to https://www.dignityfunerals.co.uk/advice/7-unique-funeral-ideas/, planting a tree from the ashes creates a living memory, indicating that the remains are in a growing process. A firework display or ashes scattering ceremony can be truly special and unforgettable. If your loved one was an environmentalist, you can also organize a green funeral and memorial service. During the memorial service, you can personalize the menu depending on the deceased’s favorite foods. Memorial items and jewelry can be used as a way to remember your loved one.

7.    Choose a unique funeral venue

When choosing a venue, you might want to consider holding the memorial ceremony at a place that reflects better on the deceased’s passion. For instance, if your loved one was passionate about football, you can hold the memorial service at a football ground. There are many places to choose depending on the passion of the deceased.

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