8 Ideas for Helping a School Show Choir Be Successful

A school show choir combines some of the best singing voices to put on a spectacular performance, creates memories, and should help set a precedent for show choirs in the future. If you want a school show choir to be as successful as possible, then use these ideas and plan far in advance to help make the show a big success.

1. Use Modern Promotions

A packed house will help make the show successful and modern promotions will help you attract audiences. Short ten-second clips offer an ideal way to entice fans to the show online. Use social media to post clips, showcase the best singers, and advertise the show date. If everyone in the show choir shares videos, then you can get the word out and help build up interest in the show.

2. Invest In Quality Outfits

In a show choir, you don’t just want the perfect sound, you want to look the part as well. If you invest in show choir outfits, then that will really show on stage and can enhance the performance.

Not only will the show look impressive to everyone watching, but singers will feel better and more professional when they invest in these outfits. A high-quality outfit will build their confidence and give them the extra boost they need to perform on stage in front of others.

3. Schedule Extra Practices Before School

If possible, try to schedule extra practice before school starts each day. It’s a great way to perfect the show and many kids could get dropped off early to attend the extra practices. If you already have show choir practices after school, then the early practices will help you double up on preparation time and ensure everyone is ready to perform.

4. Perform Multiple Full Dress Rehearsals

Singing in full outfits and with stage directions is a lot different than just learning the songs. When you perform in full dress rehearsals, you have the opportunity to work out any kinks and ensure all the performers are used to every movement and motion in their outfits.

For example, some singers may need to get used to special shoes that make them stand taller or grip the stage differently than traditional sneakers. You can work out all of these elements in dress rehearsals instead of running into problems on the night of the show.

5. Advertise Locally

Stick with traditional printed advertisements at local coffee shops, grocery stores, and public locations like churches. This will help get word out about the show to members of the community who may not be connected to the school through social media.

6. Implement Other Visuals

Consider other visuals for the show. For example, a projection screen could showcase animated backgrounds and visuals to go with the singing. A simple visual upgrade can enhance a show and create something memorable for everyone in attendance.

7. Use a Lighting Team

Instead of just basic house lights, a lighting team will make a big difference in the production quality of a show choir. For any solo performances, consider the use of a spotlight to enhance the visual and make the solo performer stand out.

8. Eliminate Excess Noise

In the performance theater, listen for any excess noise that could create distractions. Try to eliminate noises like loud fans, door bangs, or loud squeaks that could create distractions during a performance.

Use these tips well ahead of time to make the most out of your school show choir and to create special memories for everyone involved.

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