6 Unique Ways to Make a Wedding Reception Enjoyable for Guests

There’s one thing that everybody at a wedding reception agrees on: the food is great. But the speeches and cake cutting can be less than entertaining for some. Luckily, there are various ways to make your wedding reception more enjoyable for guests, from setting up a photo booth to hiring a magician. Here are six unique ideas:

1. Have a Photo Booth

Posing for group photos is awkward and sometimes embarrassing, but a photo booth is a great way to ensure your guests have fun at your wedding. Choose what kind of photos you want to take. Popular options include posing with props or taking goofy pictures. Give each guest one free print or let them buy a set of prints at the end of the night to remember the event by. This is an especially great idea if you’re having a destination wedding because guests can take photos as souvenirs.

2. Have a Magician

Many guests are confused by the idea of having a magician at your wedding reception. But that could change once they see what the entertainer can do. Have them perform an opening act, have the wedding rings disappear, or walk the crowd around to trick them into thinking you’ve filled the entire space with balloons. This will ensure that everyone enjoys themselves.

3. Kickoff a Dance Party

There are so many ways to make your wedding reception memorable, and having a dance party is one. Find out what music your guests like and play it until they can’t stand it anymore. You might not get everyone on the dance floor at once, but you’ll have a few diehards who will keep the party going all night long.

4. Have Cigars Available

This might not be appropriate for a wedding reception, but it could be a great way to make an after-party special. If your wedding is at night, light up a cigar as you and your friends sit around the fire pit or on the porch of your vacation home. You can even give cigars as favors to guests when they leave the reception.

5. Ask a Comedian to Come By

The entire wedding reception can be awkward, but having a comedian around can help everyone relax. They could be the ones to tell guests the funniest stories about your courtship, which everyone will like hearing. The comedian could also help you introduce your parents if you need help.

6. Hire a Champagne Butler

Wedding receptions are known for their abundance of food and drinks, and a champagne butler or champagne service adds some flair that is sure to please your guests. This is one of the most unique ideas for your wedding reception, but it’s also one of the unique ideas for a wedding period.

As you’ve seen, there are plenty of ways to make your wedding reception more enjoyable for guests. Ask these questions before the big day: What do I like and dislike about receptions I’ve been to in the past? What can I do to ensure that everyone is having a good time? These questions might help you develop unique ideas that will leave a lasting impression on your guests’ memories of your big day.

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