5 Tools To Conquer Your Fear of Video Editing

Video editing always seems like a complex process that is not for the faint-hearted, right? The mind-blowing video effects in most movies and marketing videos would make you think that video editing comes second after rocket science. Well, you are not far from the truth if you perceive video editing in this context. There is no doubt that creating good videos requires dedication, patience, and creativity to achieve outstanding results. However, with various promo video templates, you can make amazing videos with the online video editor.

If you have given digital marketing a shot or you are simply curious about video production, you may have simple videos online. But if you are ready to take your videos a notch higher in terms of quality, you may be unsure of implementing this. You probably have the fear of failing in your video editing stint. This makes you think that it is only for the Pros. Do not let your fear control you. There are lots of online video editors out there that can help you conquer this fear.

Movie Maker Online

For anyone starting off their journey in video editing, they would prefer a free, open-source online video editor. A movie maker online has tools you can use to edit your videos. With this tool, you don’t have a limit in terms of O.S to use. This software has its own host server that enables you to work on your tasks with ease. As soon as you interact with its features, you will ease into the editing process. You can start with your personal videos by using these features to blur, trim or merge backgrounds or add visual effects. This tool is ideal for single videos for content creators meant for social media platforms.

VSDC Online Video Editor

You could be starting out as a digital marketer, an entrepreneur, or a social media influencer out to make an impact with your videos. You can count on VSDC which has free options of powerful and dynamic video editing features. As a user, you will have a wide range of effects and objects which are simple to use. Moreover, you can practice your way into professional editing with its user-friendly interface of drag-and-drop format.

If you are more comfortable with the Windows operating system, then you will find this tool great to run on it. To get an edge over others, you can use VSDC to produce high-resolution videos such as 3D, VR 360-degree, and 4K Ultra HD videos. This online video editor is fitted with live color-correction effects and motion tracking. Did you know with this tool your videos will be compatible with various social media platforms?  Learn how to get started with VSDC and your view on video editing will be changed forever.

Promo Online Video Editor

Meant for creating videos easily in a dynamic way, Promo is an online video editor with a beginner-friendly interface. This tool is a video-making solution with over 4,000 options in templates you can choose from. It’s not just easy with the drag and drop option for videos and images, but it is also fun! Once you visit the Promo website, you may find yourself playing around with the application for hours and turn your fear into fun.

Imagine working with an editing tool with automated voice overs within the timelines and get high-quality videos. This would be a great video editing tool for social media posts and digital marketing videos, right?  To top it all, its interface is so easy to navigate. Editing within each element is very straightforward. If you are a content creator, you can churn out several videos at a time because of its brilliance in simplicity.

Pinnacle Studio

You wouldn’t resist an easy-to-use but great performance online video editor, would you? While the interface is simple, Pinnacle Studio gives you several options that go beyond just simple editing. Your videos will be of professional quality going by their range, capacity, and functionality. This software stands out with a creative toolset you can use to infuse unique effects. Such include 360-degree editing and stop-motion. What’s more, you can equally capture material and import elements from several other sources for versatility.


The headache with editing video is usually color balancing. Fortunately, with the iMovie tool, there is a built-in feature to match colors for you and make the white balance more even. In addition, the audio and video filters make your final video format in both HD and 4K. iMovie is an all-time tool ideal for beginners going for quality in simplicity. While it is an online video editor only meant for iOS devices, it is easy and self-explanatory in function.  Its movie option gives you enough features to create quality, high-resolution videos yourself.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are still learning how to edit videos or getting to the intermediate stage of video editing, do not let fear impede your progress. With the advent of social media communication, video has become the main medium of communication. Therefore, you cannot avoid creating videos for your business or online platform if your goal is to communicate effectively. To overcome your fear, you need to choose an online video editor which is simple and meets your needs. Otherwise, an overly complex one with technical functions, will heighten your fear and put a stop to your editing goals.

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