4 Innovative Ways to Store Data

Today, businesses are reliant on their technology and data records. According to a Gartner survey, 43% of businesses were lost because of a data breach or a loss of records, and 51% closed their doors in the next two years. Not only that, companies must be aware of the security threats. 

The best way to defend against cybercrime and malware attacks is to find a secure data storage method that works for your business.Below, you will find four of today’s most innovative data storage possibilities. 

Cloud-Based Storage

Cloud-Based storage has been around for a while – since 1969, in fact – but it’s only gained serious traction in recent years. Cloud-Based storage is data storage that isn’t held on personal computers or devices; instead, it is stored on global internet servers. 

Despite the advantages, some businesses are still not convinced by cloud-based storage because it presents a possible security threat. However, security breaches from cloud-based storage remain low, and it offers flexibility, disaster recovery, better collaboration, and more. 

Hyper-Convergence Storage

Hyper-convergence storage is a form of dedicated server storage that allows businesses to hold large amounts of data across secure servers only they have access to. Naturally, this type of storage is expensive and more suited to large business entities. However, although it’s costly, it has several advantages. 

With hyper-convergence, storage businesses benefit from increased speed and in-house control. They also have more confidence in data security, making it the first choice for large companies and institutions with data security priorities. Hyper-convergence can also streamline data management and help reduce costs. 

Data Center Storage 

If you want secure and reliable data storage for your business, then consider data center storage. Data centers are physical spaces that house the infrastructure needed to provide effective data storage for a range of purposes. They include routers, switches, firewalls, storage systems, servers, and application delivery controllers.

Using a data center locates your business and customer data in a secure location and protects it from disaster and failure, giving you confidence in your data security that can be passed on to customers. Using a data center also cuts costs and improves efficiency. 

Traditional Storage Systems 

Traditional storage systems are typically used as a backup to cloud storage; however, they are still very useful forms of data storage, offering you affordability, faster access to data, and scalability. In addition, this is often the next best thing when you run out of conventional storage. 

There are two ways you can access traditional storage systems. First, you can reach out to a technology vendor such as Dell or EMC and purchase storage systems; alternatively, you can go to a local technology store and pick up some Network Attached Storage (NAS).  


Nowadays, secure data storage is more important than ever because personal data has become a valuable commodity. Naturally, companies need to protect customers from fraud, but they also need to protect their businesses from cyberattacks and ransoms. The best way to accomplish this is to use the best modern data storage methods. 

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