4 Benefits of Choosing Cremation for an Out-of-Town Death

Cremation has become increasingly more popular than burial in recent decades. Much of this is due to an easing up on religious beliefs and traditions. It is also due to the environmental impacts of chemical embalming and disturbance of the earth. Many families find that there are definite benefits of cremation when dealing with the passing of a loved one who lives far away. Here are four of the best reasons to choose cremation for an out-of-town death.

1- Flexibility

Cremation allows for more flexibility if travel or shipping of remains is complicated and expensive. Once the funeral home or crematory transfers your loved one to their facility, you can relax and take your time making meaningful plans for a memorial service or celebration of life ceremony. The service can be scheduled for weeks or even months after the cremation so that you and the people who want to pay their respects have time to make travel plans. With the cremated remains in your possession, you can have the ceremony almost anywhere and at any time.

2- Simplicity

Cremation is a fairly straightforward process. You don’t have to spend time choosing a casket, organizing pallbearers, or finding an available cemetery plot or vault. This can be an arduous process that often takes time away from your grieving process and time away from your family. The right professionals will handle the transfer of your loved one, filing of documents and permits, cremation services, and return of the ashes to the family. You can rest assured that your loved one will be treated with dignity.

3- Cost

Cost may be the most important benefit of cremation over burial. When you consider what a traditional funeral and burial costs, you will quickly find that cremation costs much less than a burial service. There is no reason to purchase a casket, a vault, a plot, or a headstone. Shopping is not an activity that you want to spend time doing when someone you love has recently passed. There is no need for a hearse or luxury car service either. You still have the option to inter the ashes container in a family-owned vault or plot, if you so choose.

4- Lack of Cemetery Availability

Cemeteries are becoming increasingly crowded and land, vaults, or mausoleums are less available. These spaces are becoming more and more expensive to purchase. This is prime real estate due to fewer options available. Shopping for a burial space is time-consuming and can be stressful. You also may be a person who questions the environmental impact of disturbing the earth to make space for a casket.

When a loved one who lives far away passes, a simple and affordable option for burial is cremation. The crematory will take care of the process in a respectful manner. This allows you time to mourn your loss. It also gives you more time to make memorial service or life celebration plans that fit within your busy schedule and those who want to join you. You want this ceremony to be genuine and meaningful. Not having to travel or rush relieves you and your family of unnecessary stress during a sorrowful time.

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